21 Weirdest Things That Were As Widely Accepted 20 Years Ago As People Shared Online

Years go by, and things keep changing. What was acceptable decades ago is no longer considered normal, which means that the work we are doing now will probably be unusual for our children and grandchildren. Who knows what the future will be like – maybe we go back in time without technology, or maybe flying cars will finally show up and bless our normal lives. In this article, we’ll look at Reddit users who were asked 20 years ago to share their opinions on common and widely accepted weird things.

The thread garnered nearly 40k upvotes and 17.7k comments, along with a fascinating discussion where people sometimes reminded each other that 20 years ago was 2001 and nowhere in the 80s.

Let us know in the comment section if you have anything in mind that you would like to add regarding the topic question. And besides, the things we are doing nowadays, do you think people of the future will find them strange?

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Leaving your young children unsupervised most of the time.

I remember sitting in my dad’s car at the age of 5 in the parking lot of Bowling Alley for 3 hours while he was inside the bowling. Also, most of the time, my parents had no idea where I was. I would leave home on my bicycle in the morning and come home for dinner. It suits them well.

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Being home on your TV at a certain time to catch a show, and expecting everyone to leave you alone so you can watch it without interruption.

You can go out with friends and you’ll look up and say “Oh, it’s 7:30, I have to go home to catch my show!” And no one looked at you like a strange social outcast.

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Being able to see into the cockpit of an aircraft.

The hostess would actively ask some of the children in flight if they wanted to be seen in the cockpit. I remember when I stepped into the cockpit of a Boeing 747, I decided I wanted to be a pilot someday.

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