23 Comics I Made To Illustrate The Funny Reality Of Dog Ownership (New Pictures)

I’d like an excuse to draw a strip or two in a more feminine Korean manhwa style with super clean and flowing lineart. I also want to do another comic strip in the style of Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s fun to draw a comic in a completely different way while trying to do justice to the thing being parodied. Shoujo Princess Tzubel is also probably due for another appearance.

With all that being said, I like to call myself so good that I’m pointless. Obviously, drawing is my most time-consuming hobby at the moment. However, I love working with sculpting and casting resin. I cook, read history books, take care of a growing group of plants, exercise and hike. I also enjoy traveling, and want to try my hand at urban sketching, video editing, and animation…adding to my list of time-wasting hobbies that keep me reaching for cartoonish amounts of caffeine. .

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