23 Women Before and After Their Bridal Makeup by Arbor Bytiki (New Photos)

Doing makeup well requires a steady hand, creativity and the experience of a professional artist. And Arbor Baitaki from Kosovo is among the best. That person and his team help each client feel special, like a princess, worthy of happiness.

Today, we’re featuring some of Arbor’s newest, most stunning bridal makeup looks that are bound to make everyone’s jaws drop as women gracefully float down the aisle during wedding ceremonies. Scroll down and upvote the photos you enjoyed the most, Panda. We think you’ll agree, brides look just as beautiful in ‘before’ photos as they do in ‘after’ photos. And be sure to leave a comment to tell us about all the magical weddings you’ve been to recently.

PssstPanda, you’ll get it Bor Panda’s Here are previous articles about the artist’s amazing work: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , and Part 4 .

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