25 cutest moments of Tom Holland and Zendaya couple

Great gratitude comes with lovely couples.

Spider-Man: No Way Home it’s an emotional roller coaster that no one was ready for.

That said, I’m here to ease your heavy heart with one of the most iconic duos to come out of the MCU: Zendaya and her boyfriend *!

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* I’m lively, I know his name is Tom Holland.

Zendaya and Tom have blessed us with MANY delicious moments over the years, so please enjoy this sweet roundup of the most precious ones – just in case you’re in an emotional spiral and need a serotonin boost.


When Tom shared his first magazine cover with Zendaya and thanked her in a caption:


When Tom showed due appreciation for Zendaya’s “Celestial Bodies”, he looked at Gala:


When Tom shared his IG post about his first birthday for his then best friend and now girlfriend Zendaya:


When Tom shared his second annual Zendaya birthday post and melted hearts everywhere:


Don’t worry because she shared hers too:


Aaaan and his third annual photo:


Aaaannnnd her third year:


And of course, when Tom broke the Internet by hitting us with the song “My MJ”:


And when Zendaya broke it when she hit us with “My Spider-Man”:


When Tom praised Zendaya for receiving the CFDA Fashion Icon Award:


Also when Tom raised Zendaya loudly at the world premiere of the film Dune:


When the aforementioned tribute resulted in an emoji exchange:


When Zendaya shared this #TB, simply because:


When Zendaya gave all her love and appreciation to her HYIP man from day one:


When Tom – after mentioning that he went to visit Zendaya on set about 30 times – complained that he was not an extra on set. Euphoria:

Tom Holland when asked if he ever starred in #Euphoria: “I’ve been asking for this for a long time. And that has not happened yet, and I am very disappointed. I must have been on set 30 times this season. ”

IMBD / Twitter: @FilmUpdates

Fingers crossed in season three!


When Tom and Zendaya told their funny anecdote about the difference in height by The Graham Norton Show and gave us the meme of the year:


“Nice to be caught for a change.” You’re right, that’s great, Tom!


When Tom has stopped in the middle of an interview to see Zendaya take the red carpet:

Entertainment tonight

“I think Zendaya has just appeared.” GET THIS MAN!


When Tom and Zendaya looked adorable at a friend’s wedding together – one of the few times we’ve seen the duo together, but not for the press:


When Timothy Chalamet blasted Zendai when he revealed that Tom Holland was her big star:


When Tom – who admits that he is not great on social networks – noted Zendaya in an … interesting … place:


When Tom remembered Zendaya’s favorite candy:

WIRED / Via youtube.com

Well … close enough! But precious nonetheless.


When this video of Tom and Zendaya entered the chat again:

As this clip of Tom Holland and Deja Carter goes viral again, I thought I’d just let you know that there is a video of them both dancing with Zendaya 😍

@ danspam512

Tom did say, “Sorry to drip, but drip is what I do.”


When Tom accidentally attacked us – we were KristenBellTattoos.com – calling them BuzzQueed Fizzes, Zendaya consoled him in the most precious way:

KristenBellTattoos.com Celebrity / Via youtube.com

My heart. I can’t handle it.


Finally, when Tom and Zendaya made their red carpet debut as a couple:

Karwai Tan / WireImage / Getty Images

They’re official red carpets, bitches!

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