25 Hilarious Tweets About Olivia Rodrigo’s Tour Ticket Sales

Olivia was right…it’s brutal out here.

Last Monday, Olivia Rodrigo announced that she was going on her first tour, and of course, everyone and their mom wanted to go!


2022 for him Tart taste Tour, she will travel to the United States, Canada and Europe for a total of 48 shows starting in April.

Matt Hayward / Getty Images for iHeartmedia

Well, this morning, ticket sales started, and let me tell you… it was brutal!

So here are 25 tweets meant to make you feel better if, like me, you can’t get tickets to the tour:


Me: omg Olivia Rodrigo is going on tour I want to go so bad but they’re probably gonna sell the ticket master: Hey you wanna see Olivia Rodrigo? Better sign up for a verified fan for a chance to buy me tickets: OK Make sure * Sign up * Ticketmaster: * Puts me on the waiting list * Me:

Twitter: @bigjuicybussy

Well, that’s it. It’s probably Olivia when she thinks of all of us who missed.



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