25 Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Couple Moments 2021

Last year, I considered Grimes and Elon Musk most chaotic couple of 2020.

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This year, I give that honor to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly!


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Here is a list of reasons:


Let’s start with a classic, when Megan wore this outfit to the 2021 VMAs and gave an *interesting* reason.

MTV/ViacomCBS . Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for

Megan said it was because MGK told her she was “going to be naked tonight”…



Then a second time MGK said “Daddy love you” with a knife emoji and a heart.



At the time he had this conversation on Instagram about his Airbnb.


when megano Fox 5. told His nicknames for Machine Gun Kelly were “Cookie,” “Buddha,” and “Boobie.”

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Oh, and another nickname he gave her: “Rehab Barbie.”

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The time MGK wore a Megan Fox shirt for their Fallen interview, because that’s what the couple apparently do.

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Every red carpet where they couldn’t take their hands off each other.

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Like, they were always holding each other somewhere.

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The time she wore pinky nail chains on the red carpet.

Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR . Gerrit Clark / Getty Images for


Just, like, this is a completely “normal” picture of him. Like, who are they: Rachel and Rick from high school?

“You have to vomit a certain amount until they let you back with everyone else, so you’re kind of cheering everyone up as they throw up.”


The machine gun Kelly wears around his neck when he shows his lowdown of Megan’s blood.


She told Ellen, “Some people give their partner a handkerchief. He gave me his DNA.”


when megano Told GQ That her first words to MGK were “You smell like grass.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR . Gerrit Clark / Getty Images for


Every single public out.


At that time he had blackened his tongue.

DCP. Rich Fury / Getty Images for

And Megan, of course, licked him.

DCP. Rich Fury / Getty Images for


And last but not least, the time a broomstick completely overthrew the couple, which I never thought could be overthrown.

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