“30 and Tired”: Instagram Defines Millennials in 84 Memes (New Photos)

30, flirtatious and thriving. 30 flirtatious and thriving. 30 flirty and thrive– Actually, it’s more like 30, stressed about finances and too tired to leave your house after 9pm.

In the classic rom-com Continues at 13 30.Jenna Rink imagined turning 30 would be the most magical thing that could happen to her. In reality, however, many of us turn 30 and realize we’re not. old Actually, but we can’t stay up as long as we used to and the most exciting thing that happened to us all month is when our brand new vacuum cleaner arrived in the mail. (It’s a robot!)

To poke fun at all the hilarious things 30+ year olds find themselves doing and thinking. 30 and Tired Instagram Account born. We’ve rounded up some of their best memes that perfectly sum up the millennial experience, so you can laugh along with all the tired thirties. Be sure to upvote your favorite posts, and then tell us in the comments what the best and worst things about turning 30 were for you. And if you manage to make it to this list without needing to take a nap, you can check out. KristenBellTattoos.comThe last article of the same Instagram account. right here.

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