30 Different Media That Can Be Described as Covert Propaganda According to Members of This Online Group

People love conspiracy theories. In fact, it is much easier to explain any phenomenon by the fact that someone skillfully manipulates public opinion behind someone else’s back than to try to explore the intricacies of how the modern world works.

Indeed, there are a lot of media that can be considered propaganda – from state channels in countries with a totalitarian regime to outwardly harmless cartoons in which you can always see a double meaning. Like, didn’t you know that Rick and Morty is obviously propaganda… we don’t know what it is yet, but it’s definitely propaganda!

And there is a popular thread on reddit where people only answer one question: “Which media is pure propaganda?” Almost 30K ups, 12.4K different comments and a huge, simply incredible variety of options for what is actually hidden behind a particular TV show or video game.

KristenBellTattoos.com created a curated list of the most interesting, thought-provoking and just plain weird opinions about where propaganda is hiding. So feel free to scroll to the very bottom, leave your comments and remember, perhaps the only place on the Internet that is absolutely free from any propaganda is this post. No propaganda, just good cheer… at least if the calls for good cheer aren’t good cheer propaganda!

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sweet stories like “8 year old saves $3,000 by working to help sister pay for surgery”

manpod , Casey Flaser Report

America's Got Talent America has talent. It promotes the idea that talent goes hand in hand with struggle, so much so that truly terrible acts survive thanks to their tearful history.

It’s hard enough for people to accept work that becomes creative without attaching a tragic backstory to it.

SaltySteveD87 , Akumalbay12 Report

Any film about modern warfare with real military equipment Any modern war film with real military equipment. To gain access to the equipment, they need to work with the Department of Defense. In order for them to allow it, they need to approve the script. For them to approve the script, the film must give a positive portrayal of the military.

EDIT: Everyone who comments can fuck the devil’s advocate. Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but you all know that I am telling the truth in general. You all know that there is a huge connection between Hollywood and the US Army. You all know war films (and video games perhaps even more so at the moment) very often partner with the military for equipment, promotion, funding, etc. You all know that in these partnerships the military has a ton of control. over a movie/game to make sure it portrays them in a way that encourages 18 year olds to join the military. You all know that mentioning an exception doesn’t change anything.

paramir blue , Evan Delshaw Report

Business articles on Linkedin LinkedIn business articles that talk about how people should stop looking for work-life balance and start integrating work-life.

No, thanks.

MMA_Boiler_ChE , Howard Lake Report

Drug advertisement Drug Advertising You don’t realize this until you talk to people outside of America about commercials and advertisements. Our ads for cures for all diseases are just big pharma propaganda. Disclaimer: I’m not an anti-vaccinator or anything, I trust the science, I just prefer eating sativa than taking some kind of anxiety medication called amfaproxogarbageorenazine. I think it’s disgusting the way we sell drugs.

dirty candles , Jonathan Roland Report

US blockbusters show them as peacekeepers A surprising number of big-budget American films receive funding from various branches of the military to portray them as good guys and peacemakers.

In return, they receive extensive creative control over the script and, in some cases, the perks of the final cut. Filmmakers get access to money, filming locations, vehicles, advisers, logos and uniforms, and of course money.

You might argue that, of course, if you were offering this kind of support, you would in no way want your image to be humiliated. But we’re not talking about Captain America with a can of Coke.

Think of it as product placement, but the product they sell is not the military itself, but the thematic connection between the military and heroism, righteousness and moral goodness.

bar breakfast , Mark6mauno Report

Top Shooter Maverick I love Top Gun. It’s a huge amount of guilt for me and I can’t wait to see Maverick in theaters. That being said, it’s 1000% Navy propaganda, to the point where the Navy talks a lot in the script and they set up recruiting booths outside the theater.

The_Big_Daddy , ManoSolo13241324 Report

Everything related to forensics Everything related to forensics. Working in forensic science is boring. Do you know when they match a fiber sample and can exclude it from 5,000 other samples? Someone had to compare the fiber in question 5,000 times and say, “No, next one.” Not to mention that the paperwork required is painful.

Source: Three years in forensics. So far, my signature looks like the doctor’s signature from all the supply chain documents I had to sign.

unusual , IAEA Image Bank Report

Every Bit of Murdoch Media Every bit of Murdoch Media….

…from print to digital media, newspapers, television and all kinds of media. In particular, a waste of space in Sky News.

AJHear , David Shankbone Report

Whole "Police show" Genre The whole genre of “police shows”. It dates back to the days of radio drama and spans drama, comedy, infotainment, documentaries and a host of other genres, but almost always presents the police as the good guys in white hats trying to stop the bad guys.

cleon42 , My photo trips Report

Whole concept "The Spread of Democracy" The whole concept of “spreading democracy” is propaganda from the time of Woodrow Wilson. That is how he sold the First World War to the Americans through the PR genius Edward Bernays.

A mediocre source I know, but Bernays’ Propaganda is a good read and detailed.

I_FU*KED_A_TURTLE , Camille King Report

News and TV shows 90% of the media you work with is owned by one of four or five companies, and now maybe even three. The same companies that make your movies and TV shows make your news.

News is divided into three categories: Clickbait – we sell ads, use the headline that causes the most outrage and retains the most viewers. You might think that this would be the most innocuous, but they actively twist the truth in favor of the narrative that is most beneficial. This is especially harmful when covering mass shootings, terrorist attacks, etc. Headlines with body counts and round-the-clock coverage of the shooters themselves inspire new shootouts. They might as well be an advertisement for the insane – to commit terrible atrocities! Your name and your beliefs will be remembered forever! People who were upset about the bait news they pumped out in the first place. Depending on your news source, you may be living in an information bubble completely isolated from people who receive news from other sources. This is one of the biggest sources of destructive disputes and divisions in our country, and you’d better close it than anything else.

The “plot” is propaganda in support of the owners. Why does Fox never criticize the oil company? Why is ABC always on Disney’s side and using fun Disney facts to fill empty coverage? Why does the New York Times write articles in defense of billionaires? The narrative forms the truth not for direct profit, but to support the goals and needs of its owner.

“Sponsorship” is propaganda in support of authors. Basically, they will post any propaganda article you pay for, as long as it doesn’t contradict their narrative. In terms of traditional propaganda, the DNC, the Republican Party, and the federal government are frequent clients.

armwolf , child prodigy Report

US turning point Turning Point USA is complete propaganda bullshit. Second, Caleb and Sophia. This is a propaganda cartoon aimed at Jehovah’s Witnesses and the people they are trying to convert.

slavicgarnets , control Report

Any news concerning share holders Any news concerning share holders. Not large companies, but individuals who have a few thousand dollars or less.
It works like this: there is some kind of scandal, and it is designed to make people panic and sell, cutting the price down a lot, sometimes by half. Then the big companies buy up billions of dollars worth of stock, and that pushes the price up again. They then sell it again, making a fortune.

Janfredrikjohansen , Ahmad Arditi Report

Philippine government television channels in my country in the Philippines there are TV channels “net 25” and “smni sunshine”. purely government propaganda channels run by cults with close ties to Ferdinand Marcos.

betawings , Official representative of the NCCA Report

Anything that comes from Radio Free x (eg Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe, etc.) which was originally founded by the CIA and is now funded by another US government agency. If you feel that any of the media produced by US government funded news organizations is somehow lacking in propaganda, then I can sell you Idaho beachfront property.

mobpsychokiller , Petr Kadlec Report

CNBC and the Motley Fool. This is a tool to offload retail investors.

knee-socket Report

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