30 Inexpensive and Outrageous Things People Found as Holiday Bonuses at Work

A year-end bonus (sometimes called a Christmas bonus) is a reward given to an employee during the holiday season. In many companies, this is tied to performance metrics, and the amount depends on whether certain milestones are met. Year-end bonuses are usually made up of one-time payments that are used to acknowledge the individual for their hard work and dedication. Compared to the pay of the recipient, these monetary incentives can be quite substantial. Or as we’re about to learn, a real spit in the face.

I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if I said bosses can be really cheap. But some of them are such Scrooge, they see every dollar as a loss in employee motivation and retention budgets. So when the opportunity comes, these tight-a**es pay themselves back and leave everyone else with just the crumbs. Keep scrolling to see the worst holiday bonuses we could find. Let them serve as a reminder that employees will always have to be treated with respect. Leave those who forget.

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