30 on Nirvana’s ‘No Matter’ – What the musicians have to say about the album.

Of Nirvana Does not matter The album is turning 30 years old, and as hard as it is to believe that so much time has passed since its release, this anniversary gives fans a chance to pause and note that this album is not just the world of music. How influential I was, but in mainstream society

Millions of fans around the world flocked to buy the album immediately after its release, and it continues to this day after three decades.

The album was meant for fans who were inspired by the legendary music in it. Its effect can also be felt on a very different group of listeners …. other musicians.

As Does not matter Celebrating its 30th anniversary, musicians from all over the world have shared their thoughts on this original album which has left a huge mark in the world of music.

30 years old brilliant shine

Does not matter An album that has been, and always will be. A real part of the history of music The rise and fall of Kurt Cobain will always have a significant connection with the old elements around the album, and it’s hard to deny the incredible impact the release of these songs had on society as a whole.

It is unlikely that anyone involved in the making of this album had any idea of ​​its importance and that it would continue for so long after its release, but today, it should be celebrated by everyone. Those who have felt the change in their lives.

Many musicians who have seen success in their careers have used this album as a reference point, and have focused even more on this fact. Does not matter The world of music has changed.

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Musicians show their connections.

Many of the musicians who have been affected by this album have come to the surface to say that the rock band is Peter Slabman of the Antlers. He told PressA “Does not matter It was the first album I heard that I felt personal contact, the first music where I felt it was possible (and important) in music as well. ”

Similarly, Nicole Atkins expressed her special connection to the album, saying, “Nirvana taught me as a songwriter how to write a pop song but mix it with a lot of noise and emotion. I have a term. That’s what I call ‘anti-coban’ when the music industry tries to put pressure on me. Friends of music. ”

Corey Taylor of Sleep Note revealed that he was lucky to be able to sample some dubbed versions. Does not matter, Before it was released, and admits that he was so impressed with the album that it awakened his senses, and he taught himself to play every song on the guitar.

“I remember being impressed by them: playing Dave’s drums, Kurt’s melodies … it was all a haze of obsessive emotions. I thought these people were fearless,” said Tiffany Lemson, one of the donors.

Superstar Lana del Rey has also come forward to show that she gained confidence in her musical expression from the album, citing that it may be “related to Kurt Cobain’s sadness”, which It developed the ability to release its own creative expression.

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