30 times people took a picture and realized it was an “accidental renaissance” (new photos)

I suspect there are hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in your phone’s gallery. If you take the time to look through them all, chances are you’ll find one that stands out. It’s hard to say what exactly makes it so special, but the composition, the light, the atmosphere are somehow unique…

This is the moment when we move from mundane everyday life into the realm of art. Welcome to accidental renaissance, Reddit’s favorite corner for sharing photos that look like scenes from classical art. Think asymmetrical compositions, landscapes, the Fibonacci sequence, sfumato and the golden ratio…

Created back in 2014, the subreddit is home to 869,000 “universal characters,” better known as community members who appreciate everything from the Renaissance to the Dutch Golden Age. Below is a new batch posted on the subreddit, so scroll down and enjoy!

No. 1 in Bruges. Fairytale city

Image credits: Irish

#2 Farmer’s dinner

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Image credits: Semanteme

#3 Random Caravaggio: My Brother’s Hangover, 2013

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Image credits: lgyztv

The Accidental Renaissance community on Reddit started 8 years ago. The subreddit was inspired by an original post published in August 2014 that showed a photograph of a fight in the Ukrainian parliament.

In a previous interview, KristenBellTattoos.com spoke to moderator Openmind_skeptic who happily shared some thoughts on this now iconic corner of Reddit. “Several people in the post showed interest in a subreddit with photos that accidentally resemble renaissance art (although the actual photo is technically more like baroque art in color and lighting, despite the golden ratio spiral superimposed on it), and this subreddit was created.”

#4 Baptism. Mtskheta, Georgia

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Image credits: chao_chukao

#5 French summer stairs

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Image credits: MorrisWayne

#6 It’s all the ER guy’s fault

Image credits: WhiteChocolate55

Readers with an eye for detail will notice that the community not only shares photographs that resemble or have renaissance elements, but also includes various artistic movements and styles. “As the subwoofer grew in popularity, the definition of ‘Renaissance’ has expanded to include art styles from the 14th to 19th centuries,” Openmind_skeptic told us earlier. Today, the community is sharing photographs that bear resemblance to anything from the Baroque to the Dutch Golden Age.

#7 Horse Man

Image credits: Atretochoanabou

8. Hildegard repairs windows

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Image credits: AL Walker

#9 By the window in Versailles

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Image credits: my little one

Meanwhile, the most popular stories shared on the subreddit seem to depict scenes with crowds of people. They may “do things like protest, march in support of a cause, or otherwise express themselves; very intense photographs of people, livestock, or interesting architecture depicting chiaroscuro and, in many cases, with sun or light rays highlighting part of the photo, ”Mode explained a while ago.

He added that photos of politicians and world leaders are also very popular among members of the community.

#10 A woman is sitting at the window of the train going to Lviv. AP

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Image credits: fleece_white_as_snow

#11 Dad casually posted this photo on family chat

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Image credits: leave this earth

#12 A buddy was photographing in my store to expand his portfolio, his lights didn’t work and we got this dramatic shot. This is my favorite so far

Image credits: Tim Davis

#13 Golden Hour in France (on film)

62bede1514aa8 11imeub5m6181 700

Image credits: Penguinozor

14. Angela Merkel with fishermen, 1990

renaissance style photographs 1 62c2cf47b151b 700

Image credits: nuniabidness

15. Poles clean carpets under the snow

62bee1e6717da vgzghr8oqw381 700

Image credits: naislandii1990

#16 On guard of Jesus in Lviv

Image credits: skeptic_tank

#17 A very random scene from Oc Fire

62beddbae1b35 r6xmro07n3z81 png 700

Image credits: NutellaDeVille

#18 I get told all the time that it’s like a renaissance?

62bede8408884 rblfmjdqp3e81 700

Image credits: shining duval

#19 USA Men’s Olympic Water Polo Team

62bedd027fe3c ifvdc1ifqyp71 700

Image credits: The_Fish_Alliance

#20 Girl smashes her elbow on the table

62bedd4a33d49 sxipflazxyh71 png 700

Image credits: ChadKnightArtist

#21 Damascus 1950s

Image credits: rafaele2406

#22 Old photo of me and brother found at my grandma’s house

Image credits: in the suburbs

#23 Rescued mother

62bedefa0d97c f9j0t1a9qoj71 700

Image credits: Ragnar

#24 Contemplating Korten

62bedeb7dc538 tnsqgiu00pr81 700

Image credits: YeGrayHound

25. Chess players in Mazandaran, Iran

62bee1c33ac31 yfdiudfjm9491 700

Image credits: Jahanzaman

#26 Christmas

62bede8db42a9 zuLJkpr 700

Image credits: theoretical machine

27. Boys take a bath in a canal in Kashmir.

62bedd84f3bdf ykiqpq2o2m081 png 700

Image credits: Naar kanger

#28 Waiting for a sign

Image credits: Jolis97

#29 Taken from Switzerland

62bee171a62bd nvt6fm85bqn71 700

Image credits: organic_dichotomy

#30 Flower lady

62bedf7d4595c un2ngz6vjry71 700

Image credits: Roszapezza

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