34 Helpful Tips to Take Your English to the Next Level Via the “Pronunciation Mistake” Twitter Page

English language is a difficult matter of business. Whether you’ve been in this world speaking your mother tongue since day one or are just getting into it, many aspects of English are confusing and even funny. Spelling, grammar, pronunciation, conflicting meanings, and—of course—exceptions to every rule. Even when you remember everything to a T, you somehow manage to screw something up in the most tragic way.

Which means: I’m still lostcencWhen I’m distracted and let’s face it, the word Necessary Very unnecessarily difficult to spell. I mean, how many Cs and Ss do you really need?! But while these mistakes may hurt my confidence, they also spark interest to learn more. So allow me to introduce you to a bright corner of Twitter called ‘pronunciation error’. With a large community of over 212k followers, this social media project is dedicated to highly informative and useful tips for anyone trying to improve their English.

So grab a pen and a notebook because our linguistics-loving team is here. KristenBellTattoos.com We’ve collected some of their best posts to take your skills to the next level. Scroll down to read, upvote your favorite posts, and be sure to share your experience with the wild ride in the comments below.

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