35 ‘I learned today’ facts that show it’s never too late to learn (new pics)

Life can be a tempting, never-ending lesson if you have enough curiosity and an open mind to see the world with new eyes, an eagerness to expand your knowledge, and the wisdom to put your ego aside. Is. Many of you probably already know about the incredibly popular and rapidly growing Ravenclaw ‘Today I Learned’ Community There are 26.5 million members on Reddit.

It’s been an integral part of Reddit since 2008 and has been responsible for piqued the curiosity of many Internet users about everything in between (and beyond, too), from history to science.

bored panda TIL is such a big fan of the community that we’ve featured it for you Education Again and again, dear readers. You can read our latest article about interesting trivia about life on planet earth Here, Here, And Here, once you have finished paying attention to today’s list of interesting facts. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for facts you never knew! Got any TIL-worthy trivia to share with us? You can do so in the comment section.

bored panda reached for parenting blogger samantha scruggin, founder of walking out in slippers, to hear about how parents can nurture a desire to learn more about the world as children grow up and ‘why?’ How to deal with constant questions of Curious Munchkins have them all the time. At all times refrain from forcing them to have the same interests as their parents. You’ll find Samantha’s thoughts and insights as you scroll down.

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