38 Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck Temperance Reactions

“Ben Affleck never deserved Jennifer Garner, and he’s spent 17 years proving it.”

In his latest interview, Ben Affleck talks about Howard Stern and talked about All kinds of things, like his new relationship with Jennifer Lopez, his kids, and his alcoholism.


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Affleck then discussed how his 13-year marriage to Jennifer Garner broke his sobriety, adding: “It’s part of why I started drinking … because I was stuck.”

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He essentially blames his marriage for re-drinking, and a lot of people are upset by his comments (given Affleck’s alcoholism). long ago Her relationship with Garner once was).

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Jennifer Garner fans are taking to Twitter to show their unconditional love and support for her because… well, how can you not? She’s an angel on earth, and dealt with a lot of Ben Affleck’s bullshit during her marriage.

So, here are some of the best responses so far:



Are you out, Ben Affleck? This is us, Jennifer Garner Hive.

Ben Affleck: I would ‘still’ drink if I kept on marrying Jennifer Garner

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And we’re here to tell you you messed up, man.

Jennifer Garner Before alcohol and gambling she was an addict and who knows what else. Didn’t he cheat on her with his nanny? Even though he was divorced, he took care of his drunk donkey. https://t.co/bOUvE7a44U

bg004/bauer-griffin/gc images, Twitter: @CelestialxFirex


Like… you really, really Mess.

So cruel in the name of being honest! Very bullshit He had been drinking long before that. She stood by him after he cheated. She takes care of the kids while he lives the JLo lifestyle. Jennifer Garner saved Ben Affleck’s life and career. He should show more grace. https://t.co/CQGvGozuIV

Twitter: @cmcubfan


you screwed up.

Damn it, I didn’t know Ben Affleck had such an ad! ck..a respectable man wouldn’t speak badly of the beautiful mother of his kids..he might just say “no comment” or stop mentioning jennifer garner if all he has is small to say D! CK Energy Comments Sheesh..happy Jennifer Freed

Twitter: @SassDaLeoAhole


You messed up, man.

This is why you can’t trust people who drink Dunkin’ Donuts religiously. Once or twice is fine but after that swamp water turns your mind and you go to Howard Stern and blame your alcoholism on Jennifer Garner and your kids who are old enough to read about it. https://t.co/6WrbO8ks2C

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you screwed up.

I think Abe Lincoln said it best: It’s better to shut up and be thought of as a dick than to speak at Howard Stern about Jennifer Garner and cast aside all doubts. #Ben Affleck

Twitter: @aliciaatlarge


you screwed up.

While you can’t accept that your drinking problem is because of you, you still have a drinking problem. Jennifer Garner didn’t drive Ben Affleck to drink, although she did drive him to rehab to save his life.

Twitter: @Boeing74


You messed up, man.

#BenAffleck What an ass, any man who marries #JenniferGarner should consider himself a very lucky man. Saying this without thinking of his daughters.

Twitter: @DarkEmmanuel


you screwed up.

is this guy serious Puts his children and her first and thus Ben Affleck repays him. This https://t.co/FVLQNNY11A

Twitter: @bani78778984


You messed up, man.

So because Ben Affleck felt trapped in his marriage to Jennifer Garner, he started drinking and then sleeping with the nanny (he left the nanny out for a bit). He was so caught up in their marriage that after 3 years of separation, Jennifer had to take him to rehab.

Twitter: @twa96


you screwed up.

Free PR lesson for Ben Affleck: I drank because I was sad. End the sentence there. Not to mention Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife, mother of his kids and general ray of sunshine. Because that’s not why you drink, you are an unforgivable ASSBAG.

Twitter: @cynlu820


You messed up, man.

#BenAffleck #JenniferGarner Wonder how Jen felt because you “drank a lot” and messed around? We won’t know because she’s pretty much a woman and the good mom has spread out into the world. No one will blame him if he did it now. #TeamJennifer Garner

Twitter: @QueenFreddieB


You messed up, man.

Ben Affleck and Chris Pratt prove more and more every day that Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris were the real MVPs in their respective relationships. https://t.co/zLCVrU59wh

Twitter: @FionaSmall


you screwed up.

Ben Affleck blames his marriage for his drinking problem. No. #DickMove Jennifer Garner isn’t going to take the blame for your booze. This is very bullshit.

Twitter: @CleoEverest


you screwed up.

Protect #JenniferGarner at all costs. She is one of the only truly beautiful souls in Hollywood. He doesn’t deserve to be publicly trashed. Especially #BenAffleck. as by someone

Twitter: @siamese__dreams


You messed up, man.

Ben Affleck was an alcoholic before Jennifer Garner and he was still an alcoholic 3 years after their separation, when he dragged his drunk, deceitful ass to rehab. He is alive only because of Jennifer Garner so he can strangle.

Twitter: @thatboyJacob1


you screwed up.

@chris_notcapn To be blunt, Jennifer Garner was always out of her league. To be clear, I’m not talking about her looks. I’m talking about how Garner was willing to make it work for her kids, & for her, despite her issues, & she just didn’t have the ability to appreciate what it had to offer.

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you screwed up.

A less than friendly reminder that Jennifer Garner drove her ass to rehab when they were already separated and stopped to get food on the drive-thru en route while she was out on town with her kids. Was on leave/break with https://t.co/GcuYRB0G3O

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You messed up, man.

I Need This Man To Shut Up About Jennifer Garner Because Every Time He Opens His Mouth To Blame Her For His Dirty Behavior During The Marriage When He’s Still After The Divorce Of Her Recovery Was supporting https://t.co/ HDLFJA6VQ

David Fischer/Shutterstock, Twitter: @ericasIaughter


you screwed up.

Ben Affleck hasn’t seen a good movie on Earth in my entire time. He is terrible at everything. He was terrific as Batman, Daredevil and his action hero movies always faded. No one told you to be with Jennifer Garner. He Wants To Blame The Issues On Him, But The Problem Is You

Twitter: @miyanaaire1998


you screwed up.

Ben Affleck was pounding Scotch, passing in front of the kids, and cheating on the nanny. Jennifer Garner was stuck in that marriage. I

Twitter: @RadziwillLee


And you really messed up.

I want to say a lot about Ben Affleck but basically it all boils down to his being a gross person. Jennifer Garner is an angel among us & I hope she continues to heal & amp; thrive without him.

Twitter: @_supershepherd

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