40 Bizarre, Uplifting, Or Straight Up Chucklesome, Yet Unlikely Personal Stories As Shared Online That Are Very Much True

There is only so much that you can add to a story until it becomes hard to believe. Yet, when you really think about it, belief is subjective, yet saying that something has a non-zero chance of happening is based on hardcore theoretical probability that can be measured and scientifically deduced. So, based on that logic, even the most unlikely stories might still be true.

Whether you believe it or not, the following list is also claimed to be true, despite how unlikely some of them might sound.

Folks online have been sharing stories and facts about themselves that are 100% true as it happened to them personally, yet sound like the product of an imaginative mind that hasn’t spent enough time on Earth to know how likely all of it might be.

Scroll through it to see the best of the best stories siphoned from this post on the AskReddit community and while you’re out there, drop us and the submission an upvote, and share your very unlikely yet very true stories in the comment section below!

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I am related to William Henry Harrison – the president who died from hypothermia because he wouldn’t wear a jacket. My great grandfather and his son both died from hypothermia as well but under slightly different experiences. I have almost died from eating way too many vitamins, jumping into a ceiling fan, and jumping from a cliff. My dad almost lit a gas station on fire. Basically, we are a very dumb bloodline starting from William Henry Harrison.

efan9411 , Brent Moore Report

Dodged A Bullet There... I took my mother for a surprise trip to NYC. She got married to my father there in ’68. The surprise was manufactured by way of telling her we were going to Australia (we live in New Zealand, so a trip to Australia is not a huge deal, it’s the type of thing you could do for the weekend) and therefore she packed a bag and brought her passport. We got to the airport and said “Surprise! We’re going to New York!” and she cried her eyes out with delight.

When we arrived, on our first morning, I said “Okay, what do you want to do?”

She said “When I was last here, in 1968, the Twin Towers weren’t complete, so, I’d like to go to the top of them.”

“Your wish is my command!” I said and off we went to the WTC.

That was the afternoon of September 10th, 2001. Suffice it to say, there was a particular poignancy when we looked out the window at around 8am the next morning.

septicman , David Morris Report

That One Time When Gaining Weight Is A Good Idea I beat anorexia. I’m a guy and I do not have photos of me from that time (due to shame) so I have no proof. I have gone from 70lbs to ~130lbs.

pajamakitten , Magnus D Report

Aww Husband and I fell in love at first sight. Moved in together after two days. Married five months later. Still married. It will be forty years in may.

kevnmartin , jerry john Report

Meeting Both Of Your Exs At The Altar I was the best man on both sides of a lesbian wedding because I had dated both the bride and the bride, stayed close friends and introduced them to each other after our breakups.

Arteragorn , Bev Sykes Report

What Better Place Than Here, What Better Time Than Now? When I was a kid, I woke up to find my cat giving birth to her kittens on my pillow, one inch from my face. I took it as a compliment.

drh0tdog , London looks Report

Well, That Ended Well my dad kidnapped me and took me to Singapore for very malicious purposes (i’m sure you could imagine). i was 15 and my dad literally had fake documents and suitcases filled with random clothes. when we got there we went to a sketchy hotel and after 15 minutes he went to the bar. a bit after that, some guy just walks in. i was confused but he began muttering saying i was ‘too pale’ and ‘too old’ and he left. i called my dad but he didn’t answer so i climbed out through the window and went to the police. they put me on a plane home that same hour.

i don’t really tell people because it’s a bit of a crazy story and sounds made up (hence why it’s here) but yeh.

Txbi89 , Diethelm Scheidereit Report

This Kid Experienced Tony Hawk'ception At Its Best I was at a store when Tony Hawk was signing autographs. I was only 10 at the time and was a huge fan. One of his early video games had just come out. The store had a couple TVs on the wall and some video games to play. Being a kid I waited for one controller to open up and someone leave. A kid ended up leaving and I grabbed the controller and started playing and minding my own business. A couple minutes later the store wanted to grab photos of Tony playing his own video game. He came over and grabbed the second controller and began to play multiplayer with me. Probably played for 10 minutes. The bonus was it was also my 10th birthday. So I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater with Tony Hawk.

I do not have photos of myself playing the game with him but I believe my parents have a couple of photos of me with him and getting his autograph. I still have the signed board on my wall.

youngthugsmom , TimothyJ Report

He Would've Gotten Away With It If It Wasn't For That Meddling Blood Type I found out my “father” wasnt my biological father in 10th grade Biology class. We were learning about blood types and traits. I raised my hand thinking I was a smart a*s, “You’re chart isnt accurate, my dad has AB negative and I’m O positive.” My teacher said “I think your mom has some explaining to do!”. And we all chuckled.

Turned out, he was not my father.

aoyfas , Laurel Hechanova Report

The One With Brad Whitford's Amp I bought a guitar amp from Brad Whitford, of Aerosmith, when I was 17. He and Steven Tyler served up cheeseburgers for me and my friends.

So, Brad’s son was a punk and I knew him from the scene. I was in a band that had some small local marginal success. This is 97/98 in Boston. I needed a new amp for our first US tour but had very little money. I was getting drunk with his son and, on a whim, I asked him if his dad had any amps laying around that he didn’t need. We laughed and carried on partying.

The next day, I get a call at my home. It was Mr. Whitford himself. He was super nice but to the point. “My son says you got a band and need a good rig for your les Paul. I have something in mind for you. Just gotta have my guy get it from the warehouse. Come by my house in Norwell this weekend and check it out”. That was the gist of the call. Obviously, the whole band came with me. And our roadie.

We get to his house and it’s totally him. So weird. These guys were like gods in Boston. I wasn’t the hugest fan but knew him from his work with Wayne’s World. He takes me to (one of) his garage(s) where there is this cool full stack. The brand is Bedrock. An old company from New Hampshire that made good quality amps in the 80’s. This one was custom made for Brad. Basically Marshall components. 4 tubes. All the knobs go to 11. Not kidding. Still has the “property of Aerosmith” stickers on it. He plugs it in and rips a crazy solo on his les Paul and then hands it to me and I play a couple power chords. He asks for $300 for the whole thing. I pay him and he tells his son to give us a tour of the house.

This is where s**t gets nuts. It’s just like you expect. Tons of gold records, platinum records…Pictures of him with people like John Lennon, Robert DeNiro and Joey Ramone. Then we get to see his studio and THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF MARSHALL AMPS IN THE WORLD. Seriously, like 200 cabs. A wall of guitars. Guitars so pretty and amps so cool, it made sense for him to find the one he sold me dispensable.

After the house tour, he told us to meet him at the little bar and grill they own in town. When we get there early and he arrives 30 mins later with muthaf**kin Steven Tyler in tow. “You guys the punk group?!” He was so nice. They went in the back and came out with burgers for us all on the house. Then they straight up left. Irish goodbyed, even! I still have the amp. I used it on the road for almost 10 years in five bands. Now, it’s just a conversation piece. But it still works! I’ll crank her up every now and then.

Sirnando138 (the actual photo) Report

Conditions Are Perfect I ran out of gas outside of La Paz Bolivia. Luckily it was down hill for about 6km into the city. I coasted the whole way on my motorbike, passed busses and drifted into a gas station. Never missed a beat!

leaky_eddie , Aberdeen Proving Ground Report

Winning Not One, But Two Lotteries I won two TV game shows. “The $10,000 Pyramid” (won $10,300) in 1975, and “Sale of the Century” (was on the show for 9 days; won $34k in cash and prizes) in ’85.

Ignatz27 , Pixabay Report

Living Life In The Fast Lane I was born 12 weeks early (and was nearly born earlier- my mom had a weak uterus from endo, so they had to push me back and stitch her up).

The doctors told my parents to expect me to be unable to breathe, walk, etc on my own. The doctor performing the c-section nearly dropped in surprise and how hard I was screaming and flailing.

I do have a few health problems, but it could have been much worse.

Editing since others are mentioning their experiences and health issues:

I had hydrocephalus, it was treated poorly (the doctor thought I was fine, and my parents were overreacting when I was seizing and turning colors). It was treated, and now had ~6 ft of tubing in the form of a shunt, as well as seizures I’ll never outgrow. They’re treated with medication.

Otherwise, outside asthma and other smaller things, I live a normal life. I graduated high school a few years ago, and hope to be married soon.

Edit 2: Thank you everyone for your stories! Tbh, I’m a bit overwhelmed: I didn’t expect my comment to blow up like this! I’m going to do my best to respond to everyone, but I apologize in advance if I don’t. I promise I’m reading every comment, and they all mean so much!

W_Rooshing , Rick Kimpel Report

An Unprecedented Turn Of Events I am one of very few people outside WW1 to live through mustard gas. So rare the doctors (1995 no internet) had no idea how to treat me.

snowfarmerme , Andrew Malone Report

Couln't Get Away With That Today Though Once in college I applied for a job at the library help desk. I figured I would help people find books. Didn’t give it much more thought than that.

During the interview, I aced all of the customer service questions. Then they asked me whether I knew how to defrag a hard drive. Cue alarm bells in my head, but I kept calm outwardly and said no, but you can teach me.

I worked in IT for three years by accident. They were too nice to fire me.

piggybank124 , SeAMK Kirjasto Report

You Keep Forgetting That You Don't Need Eyes To Write Stuff These Days I am blind. Many online commenters think that I am lying. If I wanna lie, I would rather tell everyone that I am a rich traveller.

marimuthu96 , cea + Report

Projectile Kid Yeeting A horse threw me in the air when I was a child. But I wasn’t on his back. He grabbed the skin of my back with his teeth and yeeted me.

Kaibethha , Rob Mitchell Report

Having A Permanent Headache, But It's In Half Of Your Brain I’ve had a headache since August 2015 and I will probably have it for the rest of my life. It’s only on half my head, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

djauralsects , Patrik Axelsson Report

Was Worth A Shot I was once sponsored by the CRUNK energy drink company for sailing. I imagine I was the only sailor on their list. I literally just emailed them saying that I sailed and asked if they wanted me to put stickers on my boat. They sent me a few cases of the drink, t shirts, hats, the works. My car was known as the crunk-mobile.

__slamallama__ , Jim Reynolds Report

Oh, The Cheeky Devil! My great great grandfather was a Pinkerton Detective, acted on Vaudeville, and had 5 wives in 2 different states that knew nothing of each other. He also slightly changed his last name each time and never got caught until Ancestry website happened lol.

anon , KOMUnews Report

Hamsters Need Research Love Too I’ve published four peer-reviewed scientific papers on hamster testicles.

I’m currently working on a critical COVID-related project which doesn’t involve testicles and thus would be much less exciting for Redditing purposes 🙂

Game_of_Jobrones , Filipe Ramos Report

It's Just A Game, When You Really Think About It... I cannot see 3D effects in movies or games. I didn’t know that until a friend showed me his new Nintendo 3DS and I asked him whether this thing was a scam because it didn’t look any different to me than a normal DS.

We had a fight over this because we both thought the other one was bulls**tting him.

“You’re holding it wrong! How the f**k do you not see this?”

“Are you f*****g kidding me right now? There’s nothing 3D about this thing.”

0xMii , Epic Fireworks Report

A Surgeon In The Works I was shooting some stuff in my village and a bullet ricochet and hit me in the torso. I was afraid my parents would kill me if they found out (I was young) so I used a knife and tweezers to remove the fragment and a stapler to stitch it up and then covered the wound and they never found out until a few years later when I told them.

DeusVULT1097 , Dr. Pio Modi Report

You Never Really Know When You'll Win The Lottery I once won a $500 raffle during a routine visit to my local tea shop.

It was the building’s annual Black Friday event and there were 5 baskets with varying amounts of goods, services, and coupons. I needed tea, so my only stop was the tea shop. It cost me $20 to fill my tins, but they said raffle tickets were given out after a $25 purchase. I said ‘f**k it’ and got a hot tea for me and the woman in line behind me.

Entered with that one ticket. I got a call a few days later saying I won the top prize basket. When I went to claim, they asked about my purchases. I told them and they said the drawings had over 1,000 tickets and many people had over a dozen entries.

The raffle prize included $25 to the tea shop.

anon , nist6dh Report

My family ancestry can be traced back to a court jester who served in the court of King Jakob IV of Sweden.

Furimbus Report

Did This Mean You Would Have Had Super Powers? I was almost named Storm because I was born at 3 am in the middle of a massive tornado storm (one touched down actually a few minutes after I was born). I was also essentially dead (docs thought they were going to lose both me and my mom) but somehow I lived b!@#$s.

AidansSeenSomeS**t , Daniel Rodriguez Report

I’ve literally never been sick, or at least never showed symptoms of being sick. No colds, no fevers, no viruses, no flu even. I really don’t know what it’s like to be sick or get sick, and frankly, I hope I never do.

It’d sure be ironic if the first time I got sick was now…

EDIT: I’m 30 years old by the way, that was probably worth mentioning.

bushpotatoe Report

Watch Where You're Going! I got ran over by a car, but the driver didn’t see me and proceeded to back over me.

I’m shocked at the amount of people who said that this happened to them or someone they know/knew as well, the world really is a weird place. And for all who are asking:

* My legs are perfectly fine now. On a side note, I actually really enjoy running, it’s one of my favorite things to do.
* No I’m not from China nor have I ever lived there, I’m American (I don’t quite understand why people are asking this??)

A couple of people have pointed out to me that its because killing someone in China is apparently less expensive, which is a horrifying thought, but thanks for the explanations.

How is my mental health? Was I traumatized? Well, it very f*****g terrifying at the time and I was definitely scared of cars afterwards. But if you’re asking if I’m feeling any trauma *to this day*, then I would say not very much if at all. Thanks for asking though 🙂

anon , Kevin Galens Report

Let Me Guess, You Became A Mortician? When my mom was in grad school she took several labs where she worked with cadavers. Because my dad worked nights she often had to take me to class with her, and she’d usually just plonk me down on the table with the cadaver while she worked on it.

accidentallatte , Rod Waddington Report

Love Awaits My grandfather went AWOL on the French Foreign Legion and was banned from ever going back to France. All because he left to marry my grandmother.

ahumanpileofgarbage , fdecomite Report

There’s a scientist who died on the same day I was born and her research subject was very very close to mine. Not just the field but down to some articles she wrote and some of her side interests. Some tidbits of her personal life also echo some of mine. I only found out after I graduated and now I low-key feel like reincarnation might be a thing. ETA : I don’t really believe reincarnation is a thing. That was a joke. Jesus, people

rosachk Report

Fake, But Comes With A Good Story! One of my ancestors was dumb and bought one of Napoleon’s doorknobs. It turns out it’s fake. Doorknobs were invented after Napoleon died.

ravenpotter3 , talldrinkoH2O Report

I have phytophotodermatitis, which is a big fancy word for I can’t get acidic juices (lemons, limes, apples, oranges, etc) on my skin and go out in the sun. Turns my skin brown like a rash. Doesn’t hurt or itch, just discoloration. Happened three or four times in my life.

anon Report

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