40 People Who Have Entered Kringe’s New Levels And Posted In The ‘Cringetopia’ Online Group (New Photos)

Think about all the serious things we do. Feeling as if you were on the wrong track and had to do a total of 180 on the road. Or assuming that your classmate asked for your number because they thought you were cute and gently telling them that you’re looking for someone just to make them understand that they just want to work on your group project. How about waving to someone who is definitely waving to someone behind you? This is a classic.

Now multiply this embarrassment by about 1,325 and you’ll know what to expect. r / cringetopia, As you may have learned from our previous publications on this subreddit Here, Here, And Here, this is where you want to confuse and disturb your mind. Which, I guess, everyone has to do to keep themselves in check from time to timeā€”if you find that the content below doesn’t bother you at all, please contact your shrink.

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