40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet

When things get tough, when you’re backed into a corner, it can feel like the whole world is full of darkness and nothing more. It’s then easy to think that practically every aspect of life on Planet Earth has been going downhill since the Good Old Days (whenever that mythical era might have been).

The truth is that certain aspects of life have definitely improved over the decades; others, in turn, have certainly gone the other way, quality-wise. Internet users from around the globe pitched in with their opinions about the things that have consistently been getting worse over time, sharing their thoughts on r/AskReddit. They touched on topics from social media to housing costs and beyond.

Scroll down to read their thoughts, and let us know which of these posts you agree with, dear Pandas. What do you personally think has gone completely downhill in recent years and why? Tell us all about it in the comments.

The quality of politicians in the United States. And most of the rest of the world. The majority are power hungry, money hungry people who shouldn’t be representing the people of their country/state in the first place. The few good ones are powerless to do anything against the crooked majority.

bcdnabd , Pauline Loroy Report

It’s perfectly fine to recognize the fact that something has lost quality over time. That’s simply acknowledging the truth for what it is. It’s another thing entirely to constantly live within those feelings of anger and disappointment and regret—that, simply put, is incredibly unhealthy.

Seeing problems and rising to the challenge to solve them is one thing. Grumbling about the state of the world and how awful everything is compared to way back whenever is another.

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Disney World.

They keep increasing the prices on everything, adding additional charges while cutting back on experiences. The guests are coming in with sh*ttier, more entitled attitudes because they’ve paid so much.

You can’t just go to any park on any day during your visit, you need to make a park reservation for each park you want to visit before you go, an extra hoop to jump through on your vacation – wasn’t this supposed to be relaxing?

The free complementary FastPass system has now become paywalled into the Genie+ system, (which is extra ghoulish because Robin Williams never wanted the Genie to be used for marketing purposes). You can now use the “lightning lane” to get on rides faster… For a price. And without that lightning lane access, you’ll have to wait hours in line, meaning you get on less rides during your visit.

The whole experience just sucks now. It used to be fun and relaxing… Now it’s just anxiety inducing.

boomerthemoose , Brian McGowan Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet The internet.

I remember when it started. Bulletin boards were the s**t. Inspired, interested people from around the world talking.

And then websites. Any fool could throw up some HTML and have a little website talking about their cat and their favourite video games.

Java chat rooms. Flash games. Game forums. 4chan. It was the wild west. You could post anything, anonymously, view anything, freely.

It’s all gone now. And it’s getting worse and worse.

shaidyn , Simon Abrams Report

According to Professor Suzanne Degges-White, from Northern Illinois University, nostalgia helps us feel about the present by connecting us to the past. However, she told KristenBellTattoos.com earlier, living just in the past can be detrimental.

“Nostalgia can help us feel better about ourselves and more in control of current situations if we’re able to channel that positivity into concrete actions or a reframed mindset about the present. However, when we begin ‘living in the past,’ we may be inviting into our lives less than optimal mental wellness and potentially compromised physical wellbeing, too,” she told us.

“When we succumb to memories of how things ‘used to be’ and refuse to address the ‘what is,’ we may find ourselves overwhelmed by our current conditions and less able to manage current challenges,” the professor said.

“It’s often memories of home and the people who surround us that keeps us able to deal with significantly concerning or dangerous conditions. For instance, letters from home can be a lifeline for those who are engaged in warfare far away from what they consider ‘home,'” she said.

“It’s when we become stuck in our memories of people who have died, places or times in our lives when things were ‘easier’ or ‘better’ that invites in the negative effects of nostalgia. When we are unable to make decisions about a current challenge or get stuck in memories of better times from the past, we can sink into a state in which we kind of ‘tune out’ of the present and ignore very real threats or opportunities in the now.”

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Google. It’s so hard to search for anything, even if you use quotes and boolean operators you get garbage results almost entirely unrelated to your query. It used to be much better years ago.

Zoutaleaux , Pawel Czerwinski Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet The quality of furniture.

Unless you want to spend $10k, you cant really get something that will last 50+ years.

epidemica , Spacejoy Report

What this means is that our quality of life can suffer if we’re constantly thinking just about the past, ignoring the present, and hoping that things were ‘better’ just like in the Good Old Days. One solution to this mindset would be to balance out our nostalgia with a sense of gratitude for the things that surround us now, in the present. 

“Gratitude can start with the basics—enough food to eat each day, a job that pays you enough to keep a roof over your head, people in your life who care about you and to whom you matter. Recognizing that not everyone in life has been as fortunate as you have and acknowledging your accomplishments is the best way to begin. Making a ‘gratitude list’ really does help us see our lives in a whole new way if we are committed to acknowledging the way our lives have been touched by success.”

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet America/western world humanity.

Despite people being annoyed at the ‘woke’, actual value of the individual and respect to an enjoyable and ‘free’ life is deteriorating in western societies.

I mean look at ‘quiet quitting’, people are being told they’re soft and not hard working for wanting fair hours and work loads.

Americans need to work for 75-80% of their waking life to afford to survive.

Other countries it’s still around 35-45%.

That’s unreasonable.

We should be finding ways for everyone to have more leisure time and less ‘productive’ time in our finite lives.

Here in Australia it’s been announced that the government is letting retired aged people work more hours, to make ends meet. Not raise the pension- ‘let’ them work more- when they’re retired- from working…

Un-interesting , Patrick Tomasso Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Perception of people as you grow up. When you’re a little kid, you think adults can fix things. Then, as you get older, you realize that they don’t fix things very well.

vampirelionwolf , Christopher Burns Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet The cost of living in the UK.

I’m still working the same job I was five years ago, and my partner has actually had multiple promotions so our incoming money has, if anything, gotten better. But whereas five years ago we were able to pay all the bills, get what the kids needed and still have a little spare for luxuries like meals out / family trips, now we are failing to make ends meet even with multiple cut – backs. We’ve cancelled everything non-necessary, the kids can’t even go to their dance classes or after school stuff anymore, we have got my 74 year old grandma helping out with childcare and we’re raiding the discount section of food stores for bargain meals most weeks. It’s not great being here at the moment.

username_pressure , Sigmund Report

Vehicles. I’m an auto body tech, and seeing the difference in build quality between newer and older vehicles is astounding. My daily drive is 35 years old, when something goes wrong with it, I know i can fix it because it’s built to be repaired. When a friend calls and asks if i can take a look at their newer vehicle, everytime i’m working on it I feel like it was just meant to be used until it breaks and then thrown away. It makes me very sad.

ninjacupcake476 Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Cinema in general. One crappy remake of a 1980s movie after another, and live action remakes of s**t that was popular in the 80s and 90s. Cinema peaked back then, and now it’s just ripoffs and sh*tty remakes as far as the eye can see.

LuchadorMonkey , Samuel Regan-Asante Report

Life and perception. As i get older and learn more I consistently yearn for “the old days” but I’m not actually yearning for old days…I’m merely wishing I could go back to when I didn’t know anything about how life and the world actually operates. Youthful perception is usually more optimistic.

S0n0fthunder Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet I work in healthcare and I would have to say the hospitals themselves have gotten progressively sh*ttier. It’s at the point that I would not want to get sick and have them take care of me. Hospitals are purely trying to make as much profit as possible and it is at the expense of the hospital staff and patients. It’s honestly horrifying.

thebryceisright1 , Marcel Scholte Report

Pretty much all appliances and devices. TV’s, stereos, washing machines, blenders, microwave ovens, etc, used to be really sturdy and last forever. Now they look bad, feel flimsy and crappy, are easily broken, and most of the times aren’t as good as the older stuff. My pet peeve is music devices. Used to be you could buy a portable boombox or small stereo and it would sound pretty good and last for years and years. Not anymore unless you spend money to buy a higher-end model.

Tough_Stretch Report


A whole series of factors have led to the average person being less morally principled.

The best example of this is on dating. Rather than pairing up with someone and putting your eggs in that basket, people have started playing a numbers game. 70 years ago “dating” meant that you were in the early stages of seeing ONE person. The whole idea of being exclusive was a given. It’s why people trusted each other more and relationships lasted longer. It’s because the question they were asking wasn’t “how does this person compare to the three other people I’m dating?” but rather just a simple “do I like this person?”.

I don’t say this as a complaint, but rather an observation: this dynamic makes people unhappy, used and disconnected, regardless as to whether they’re the dumped or the dumper. It’s not that relationships fail, is that people don’t have the courage to commit to one at a time. They fear being alone so much, they they never allow themselves to truely be at risk of being fully alone; so they keep backups. Because they never risk this, they’re never fully with someone, at least in the early stages. They also know because they have a backup, the other person probably does to. So the whole idea of growing together is rivalled by whether they can just jump ship to the backup. This is an awfully gamified way of forming relationships.

I could talk about work practices, friendships being temporary, political opinions dividing people and people promoting fake representations of themselves, but the bottom line is that most people seem to have become a lot more cowardly than they used to be. The dating culture is a prime example of this cowardice.

hshsgdve Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Advertisements. Not only the quality of advertisements, but frequency has skyrocketed. For example, when you watch a basketball game, these m***********s put an ad in between free throw attempts. Everything is presented by Company XYZ, everything has some sort of advertisement connected to it, and it is infuriating.

will_bartnik , Aaron Sebastian Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Halloween Decorations

Used to be able to buy metal gates, concrete/plaster tombstones, and many other creative decorations that would last you several years – maybe even decades.

Now all you can get are flimsy styrofoam and plastic tombstones meant to last only one Halloween (looking at you, Spirit Halloween)

crappymailm , Kenny Eliason Report

40 Things That Have Only Gotten Worse Over The Years, According To The Internet Restaurants. The really nice ones have maintained a high standard, but the middle of the road places have really tanked in terms of service and food quality while jacking up prices. It’s just not worth it to eat out unless you’re either just going for cheap bar food or going out somewhere really nice.

ndennies , Jay Wennington Report

Pre ordered games

It’s like a competition to see who can make the most unplayable game and who can release the biggest patch.

SuvenPan Report

Availability of quality clothing. For example, in my city of just over 30k in the US there exactly 0 places to buy quality clothing that is not intended for Ag purposes. Not a single shoe store with handmade shoes.

Instead of looking through a store at quality items and knowing to avoid a certain brand the entire store can be written off with a quick glance.

There is a boot store with quality work boots(1 brand the rest are lower quality glue contruction with fake Goodyear welts and synthetic leather uppers).

Good clothes and shoes worth purchasing and owning are a speciality item in huge swathes of the country.

rtothewin Report

The coverage of polarized political views in the news in order to draw in readers.

SquirrelDry1170 Report

Hot Pockets, had one recently. The crust is cardboard now, and it had maybe 2 pepperonis and a thin layer of cheese. I rmb them having flakey crust and a good amount of filling…

Lowtoss Report

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