40 Times Boston Home Inspectors Found Such Shocking Things During Their Work They Had to Document (New Photos)

We contacted the creator of the account and the founder of Boston Home Inspector, Inc., James Brock, who has seen a lot in his line of work. As a business, they are proud of their reputation for thoroughness. They believe that half-finding serves no one and they focus all their attention on identifying problems and putting them in proper perspective.

When asked about the inspiration behind the account, Brock told us the idea was suggested by his daughter when they were out for pizza one day in 2016. “She was on several inspections over the years to get some cost,” he said.

“She gave the idea that I should post some funny things I found during the inspection.” The idea might have sounded strange at the time, but he decided to give it a try. Since their first post, the account has grown and reached over 16.4k followers, who enjoy watching watchers do bizarre things every day.

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