40 times people found something annoying and shared it on “thank you, i hate it” page (new photos)

If you’ve ever heard anyone say “thank you, I hate it” online, you’re already on board. If not, pull your seat closer. Get to know your meme. Explains “a colloquial phrase used in reference to online posts that the poster considers unattractive or excessive.” So basically, this is what makes you go “enough internet for today” and turn off your laptop.

Or … as our beloved psychologist Freud advised, it forces you to do the exact opposite. Go to the abyss of futility, futility, annoyance, because even if things do not give rise to very pleasant emotions, it does not mean that they are not interesting. Well, we’re thinking too much.

Thanks to the 1.4M-strong community “Thanks I Hate It” on Reddit, better known. r / TIHIWe have a solid collection of posts without which we would all be better off. There is nothing gore or scary, just that some posts, ideas, thoughts and screenshots make you wonder what this earth is all about.

Psst! Part 2 can be found with r / TIHI posts. Here.

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