‘$400 flight’: Bridesmaid complains about bachelorette party expenses, sparks speculation about how expensive it is to be at a wedding

Being invited to a wedding can be very exciting. One of your closest friends is getting ready to spend the rest of his life with a loved one and you will be part of the celebration. The only problem with agreeing to attend a wedding is that it can be a huge financial burden. Obvious expenses include the dress or costume needed for the ceremony and any travel required to attend the wedding, but stag and hen parties can cost a lot of money too.

One bridesmaid, a woman named Erin, recently went viral on TikTok after detailing the expenses she was responsible for to attend the “bachelorette party”. You can read Erin’s full story below and see how viewers reacted. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the situation and if you have ever been asked to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a friend’s wedding. Then if you’re looking for more bridesmaid content, check out This KristenBellTattoos.com a piece next.

After being asked to pay hundreds for a bachelorette party, the bridesmaid turned to TikTok to discuss how costly attending a wedding could be.

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Although the trip was already expensive, the bridesmaids even asked the bridesmaids to pay for the bride’s flight and part of the accommodation.

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Erin wondered if this was the norm when it came to spending on bridesmaids.

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While this bachelorette party can be more expensive than a regular party, it’s not uncommon for bridesmaids to be saddled with bills for luxury weekend trips, expensive dresses, and bachelorette parties. In accordance with wedding wire, the average cost of a bridesmaid dress in the US is $208, and that’s without any alterations. But the dress is just the beginning. Bridesmaids typically spend around $1,200 on weddings after travel, lodging, accessories, gifts, and more.

Traditionally, bridesmaids are responsible for their outfits, bachelorette party, bachelorette party, hair and makeup for the ceremony, travel and lodging for the wedding, and gifts for the wedding and bachelorette party. As for the bachelorette party Brides.com says that “leaving for the weekend creates a bit more of a gray area [than one night out]”. “Each member must cover travel and living expenses, including the bride.” The general rule of thumb is that the bride pays for everything except the “big night” where she is treated to dinner, drinks, and whatever else is on the agenda. Sometimes the whole bachelorette party doesn’t involve a trip and is only a “big night”, but when it’s longer, you shouldn’t expect the bridesmaids to pay for everything. So you may be wondering if it’s worth it to attend a wedding party when it can become such a big financial burden? Well, for most bridesmaids it is. Wedding Wire found that 95% of bridesmaids enjoyed it and thought the expense was worth it to be part of a loved one’s special day.

While it’s an honor to be part of a friend’s wedding day, it’s important to remember that your budget can handle it. We all want to support future brides and grooms as much as possible, but sometimes a luxury vacation just isn’t possible. Be sure to discuss expectations before agreeing to join the wedding. Erin’s TikTok has received thousands of comments discussing what’s appropriate to ask bridesmaids, but we’d also like to hear your thoughts below. How much do you think it is reasonable to cover a wedding party in situations like this?

Many viewers agreed that these fees are too high, stating that the bride could have paid more.

While not everyone agrees on who should pay for what, it’s clear that communication is critical when it comes to wedding expenses.

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