42 interesting wildlife facts, as shared in this Facebook group.

The World Wide Fund for Nature also points out how important animals can be to medical progress. It’s amazing what animals can provide us, and scientists have found that these beautiful and fascinating creatures can sometimes even save our lives. Amphibians are particularly important, as compounds extracted from frogs have been found to help treat depression, seizures, paralysis and memory loss.

Even something called “frog glue,” or a sticky substance found in the glands of the Australian Holy Cross frog species, has been used to treat knee injuries. Sheep wool has also provided scientists with lanolin and vitamin D3. And if you’re someone who struggles with menopause symptoms, an unconventional treatment may be for you. Premarin, or conjugated estrogen, is isolated from the urine of pregnant horses. As strange as it sounds, when you’re desperate for relief from uncomfortable symptoms, you may be more open-minded than usual.

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