43 vintage photos of Queen Elizabeth II in her youth to commemorate 70 years of reign

Now, September 8, 2022 will go down in history as the day the world lost one of its most influential figures – Queen Elizabeth II. Considering the number of people around the world who were affected by this tragic loss, there is no doubt that the 96-year-old monarch led an interesting and successful life. Even those who didn’t quite follow the royal family know that the Queen is not only because of her power, but also because of how important she was as an individual. Soon after the news of her death broke, numerous news segments, articles and social media posts commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s life filled all media circles. For most of us, her majesty is associated with colorful and trendy royal attire that often ends with an interesting-looking hat, a sincere smile and strong posture. To remember what the Queen looked like in her younger years, here’s a list of photos that capture her through time.

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