5 Things This Google Recruiter Says Are Outdated And Shouldn’t Be On Your Resume Anymore

Just as the job market is constantly changing, so should your resume. But when was the last time you looked at your CV? It’s one of those things you easily overlook unless you’re looking for a new job outside of your company or angling for a promotion. However, anyone who has been through this process will tell you that no matter where you are in your career, it’s best to keep up with the times.

But let’s face it, looking at your details, building a solid portfolio, or revising how you present yourself should be a priority, it can be overwhelming. . Thankfully, Erica Rivera, a Chicago-based senior recruiter at Google goes by the handle. @careerdivacoaching At TikTok, here to help.

He recently It went viral 5 Things to Offer That Make Resumes Look Outdated in 2022 As a recruiting professional with plenty of experience in the field, she’s screened thousands of resumes and knows the most common mistakes people should stop making right away. Scroll down to read her tips in full, and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

Erica Rivera, a senior recruiter based in Chicago at Google, recently went viral for sharing 5 things people should stop including on their resumes.

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After screening thousands of CVs, Erica explains in her TikTok that these things will make you look old in 2022.

Image credit: Career divestment

Image credit: Career divestment

Image credit: Career divestment

Watch the full video, which has received over 2.9M views, right here

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Here’s another clip where Erica shares tips on resume gaps and how to fix them.

@careerdivacoaching Responding to @pickles_6666’s advice about resume gaps and how to address them. #Career #Career Advice #careertiktok #restart. #resumetips #Career change ♬ Original Voice – Erica Rivera

Later, Erica thanked her followers for giving her career advice, saying “I do what I do.”

@careerdivacoaching Reply to @lindsalfonso That’s why I share career tips. We’re all trying to get out there. #Career #Career Advice #careertiktok #Tips # Recruitment #Follow ♬ Original Voice – Erica Rivera

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