50% of Michael Williams dragged to death after entertainment.

50 cents The late Michael Williams has been unanimously trolled after creating more vicious jobs.

On Friday (September 24), TMZ Revealed that Michael’s Williams died from a fatal combination of fentanyl and heroin. Medical examiners are calling the death an overdose of accidental drugs.

“Oh, he drank a little blue hat from a joke box bag. Hey, catch Rising Conan this weekend,” 50 captioned his post.

The suspicious reference comes from the plot of the rap mogul’s show. PowerBook III: Raising Canaan.

A character named Jokebox’s best friend died while smoking due to a bad crack in his supply.

Ever since the deleted Instagram post online has caused widespread outrage.

One person wrote online, “This comment about the cause of death of Michael Williams is 50% wrong.”

“Damn 50! Ever heard that if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything,” one second added.

“This guy doesn’t give two f ****” the third commented.

Michael’s Williams was found dead on September 6.

Of 46 years old The rapper (born Curtis James Jackson III) then posted and deleted two social media posts.

In the first post, “In the Club” artists used Williams’ death to promote their show. PowerBook III: Raising Canaan. And its wine brands are Branson Kongak and Lee Cayman.

The original post featured a New York Post headline about Williams’ death, with thought-provoking captions instead.

“Damn, if you haven’t seen Canaan lift, check that fentanyl is no joke, kill the client,” he began.

“RIP Michael K. Williams,” he said, adding that the spelling of the actor’s first name is incorrect, while Branson Kongak, Lee Cayman Dory and his liquor delivery service have added hashtags for Bottle Rover for which he Recently did a commercial.

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The actor eventually deleted the post after several fans called him.

In the second post, the screen of 2018 was captured. New York Post Article that details how he got into a fight with Williams in life.

He posted a screen grab of an article which shows that his beef started when Williams showed his support for James. Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond., Who was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill Lloyd “Lodi Mac” Fletcher, a friend of Fife’s.

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After Williams backed Rosemond in 2018, 50 posted pictures of him in gay scenes of his main character. the wire.

He captioned it, “LOL how much old age pays you to play punk punk. Keep your business in mind.”

“Never try to understand me I’m different. I don’t love all fake,” 50 wrote in the title of his deleted post on Monday.

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