50 of the funniest memes about getting the funniest and craziest Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, Panda. Prepare your shields. hold fast! Steady, steady… If it seems like we’re being overly dramatic, just remember how incredibly weird Black Friday sales around the world can be. Especially in America. You see people standing in line for hours or at the end of the day for great deals, scrambling to grab as many things as possible, even physically harming others to protect their loot. can do

It is chaotic. It’s busy. This is absolutely insane. And — let’s be honest — for those of us watching from the sidelines (or hiding under the counter of the sale-loving crowd), it’s hard to look away from the frenzy and frenzy that unfolds every year. Like a car accident, people (unfortunately) can’t take their eyes off it. KristenBellTattoos.com has collected some of the funniest and most on-point memes about Black Friday to remind you to stay grounded this holiday season.


So grab your popcorn and get ready to vote for your favorite memes. Have a funny Black Friday first-hand experience to share? Are you planning to grab something during all this discount madness? We’re keeping an eye on comments, so don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

Rage Panda wanted to learn more about the psychology and aggression of Black Friday and how to overcome the fear of missing out, so we reached out to its host, Matt Johnson, Ph.D. The Neuroscience of Branding Blog. You’ll find our full interview with him below. Johnson is a professor of consumer psychology at the Hult International Business School and Harvard University, as well as the author of the book, ‘Branding that means business.’

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