50 times people found such unexpected things, all they had to do was share the pictures online (New Photos)

Surprises may seem insignificant to some, but even good scientists find them, as well as coincidences and mistakes. With a little curiosity and perseverance, they can turn unexpected events into new insights.

As author Isaac Asimov once wrote, “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, one that initiates new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but, ‘This is strange…'”


Take Carlos Jared for example. Once, he was doing fieldwork in the jungles of southwest Brazil and picked up a harmless looking frog. The frog turned and beat, hitting Jared’s hand with the head. Unbearable pain spread down Jared’s arm, and for the next five hours he was in agony.

they inadvertently discovered that frogs can be poisonous.

Even though many amphibians secrete toxins through their skin, the frog Jared picked up—Greening’s frog—was discovered to actually force those toxins into a predator’s bloodstream. When attacked, it retracts the skin around its upper lip, revealing the bony spine; Jared and colleague Edmund Brody found that a gland at the base of each spine produces a venomous mucus that is twice as powerful as the venom of the Brazilian pit viper.

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