50 times people pat each other’s back in the healthiest way (new pics)

The holiday season is in full swing, and we think it’s the best time of year to remember how healthy, kind, helpful, welcoming, and selfless people really can be, despite their perceived differences. . so we are attribute ‘Gates Open, Come On In’ Subreddit, an online community of about 340k people today.

The online group presents itself as the exact opposite of r / concierge And people are characterized by being true legends who accept others, no matter who they are, rather than angry gremlins who don’t want to let anyone new into their communities. Scroll down for some great anti-gatekeeping posts and hard proof that people really do have each other’s backs when it comes to pushing.

PSSTPandas, if you want to restore some more faith in humanity, you’ll definitely want to see the bored panda Previous article About some more great real life anti-gatekeeper examples. you can read it right here,

British Psychiatrist Silva Neves Bored Panda shared why some people feel the need to act as gatekeepers. “The theory is that it comes from our inner sense of existence. Sometimes when we lived in tribes, fearing people outside the tribe was part of existence because they could be a threat to the tribe,” he told me. explained. “In our modern world, to some degree, we have retained the sense of being alive, though no longer unnecessary, but nonetheless subconsciously strong.”

However, Silva notes how even small gestures of kindness can have an impact. “When we learn to be kind to others, we are actually learning to be kind to ourselves. We need both.” Scroll down to read what they had to say about it.

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