54 Times bosses wrote such misleading notes, employees shamed online (new photo)

Leading other people is as great a job as it is a great responsibility. Any employee hopes to work with a manager who helps them develop new skills, grow at work, and strive for success. But unfortunately, a good boss is rarely a given. The world is full of leaders who, as soon as they gain a small amount of power, begin to pressure, exploit and micromanage workers.

Some even take it to new levels by enforcing outrageous office rules, humiliating their workers, and making their lives a living hell. Well, if we can all agree on one thing, it’s that there’s only so much an employee can take. Many desperate souls who had the “pleasure” of dealing with an out-of-touch boss make sure to document their toxic antics and shame them online.

to us KristenBellTattoos.com scoured the internet and compiled a collection of the most outrageous notes and messages bosses had the guts to show at work. So sit back, pull your chair closer, and get ready to feel your blood boil as you scroll through this list. Make sure the signs you see are completely irrational and share your own encounters with freebie managers in the comments below. Then if you think you can handle more workplace madness, check out Part 1 of this feature here.

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