6 Best and 6 Worst Harley Quinn Facts in Season 3

Being little more than a set piece for the first two seasons of Harley Quinn, Batman takes on a much bigger role in season 3. He gets an entire episode dedicated to his childhood trauma, full of references to Adam West, Tim Burton. and the Christopher Nolan era. He gets a kind of romantic storyline through his relationship with Catwoman. The entire Bat-family plays an important role in the third season, and in the finale, Bruce Wayne is arrested for tax fraud. All in all, that’s a pretty intense 10 episodes for Gotham’s beloved billionaire.

Some of these materials are really good. It’s fun to see Harley’s psychology training being used to help Bruce, and it’s nice to have a major DC show that directly acknowledges some of Batman’s more questionable traits. But more often than not, Batman plays the way he always does in the series – as a fictional caricature, the main recurring moment of which is depression.

To be fair, by the end of Harley Quinn Season 3, Bruce really does seem to be on the path to self-improvement. But for the most part, he is an echo of the jokes already made in the series. He doesn’t know about renting and doesn’t know how to cook, but is still considered the heroic Batman that comic book fans know and love. That balance seems a little off, given how much screen time the Caped Crusader gets.

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