60 Minutes Fans Have Brutal Opinions About Australian Version

The Australian “60 Minutes” may not be as respected as its American counterpart, but it’s hardly spring chicken. The Australian show has been broadcast on the Nine Network since 1979. However, his four decades of prestige is not enough to keep some 60 Minutes fans from scolding him. AT Reddit discussions, several viewers commented that the show felt somewhat more tabloid and sensational than the US version.

The conversation started with a redditor u / Hamarjadidwho saw clips of the Australian show and wanted to know if their impression was correct. “It’s not Australians here – is it just me, or is the Australian version infinitely more trashy and sensational? Just judging by their YouTube videos,” they wrote.

The responses to this inquiry were almost unanimous. “Yeah, it’s basically a tabloid show. It used to be more journalistic in the 80s, but now it’s on commercial TV and they care more about what’s being sold than journalistic integrity.” you / bear kiss wrote. redditor u / TriceratopsAU agreed that the Australian show loves tabloid themes, although they noted that the more boring US version was just as appealing.

There are critics on other platforms as well. “I love how 60 Minutes Australia proudly advertises itself as the purest tabloid trash created by and for dummies. There are no serious journalism claims here, just empty calories. There are so many great details here. ” @Joe_A_Blevins tweeted about the program, users liked it @Lisa Croft, @ColemanPhillip as well as @WaikatoOz everyone compares the show’s current incarnation to the tabloid media.

Although the Australian program “60 Minutes” has been on the air for quite some time, some viewers seem to think that its quality is hardly comparable to the American version.

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