67 people answer the question “What statistics are the most interesting?”

If you are reading KristenBellTattoos.com, you know we love data. If we’re writing a story about a woman who kicks her mother-in-law out of her home, we’re looking at what experts have to say about family relationships. If we write about employees leaving because of a demanding boss, we present surveys about the needs of employees.

Numbers help us humans to contextualize individual examples and show us how common or rare, loved or hated, something more broadly.

Interested in the big picture, they give us the big picture, Reddit user Cool guy256 published question to the platform, asking its users, “What is the most interesting statistic?” Since then, people have left more than 14,000 comments under it, many of which share fascinating information about everything from the economy to the animal world. Here are some of the best.

Sharks are older than trees. Sharks are at least 400 million years old, trees are 350 million years old.

Edit: Another fun fact: sharks are so successful when it comes to evolution and long term survival because of a trait called “adaptive radiation” which is a huge increase in species diversity in a short period of time. Modern sharks evolved from adaptive radiation that occurred during the Jurassic period about 200 million years ago. One of the newest modern sharks is the hammerhead, which is about 50 million years old.

corvette01 , Gerald Schombs Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" If you are in a group of twenty-three people, there is a 50 percent chance that two of them share the same birthday.

If you are in a group of seventy people, this probability rises to 99%.

RamsesDove , Robert Anderson Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" The tallest giraffe ever measured (George) was 19 feet (5.8 m) tall.

The longest crocodile ever measured (Lolong) was 20.25 feet (6.17 m) long.

So, take the tallest giraffe you’ve ever seen, and then add some and you’ve got the biggest crocodile ever reliably measured with a tape measure across its back.

Herpetologists agree that sightings of crocodiles up to 23 feet are not without merit, but they are very difficult to catch when they are so big. Therefore, there are no absolutely reliable figures.

FlorenceCattleya , MartyWilliams Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" If you and your spouse have a divorce, and one of you (or both) has MORE than one divorce, your marriage has a 93% chance of failing.

soon , engin akyurt Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" So far the world record for babies born to one woman is 69. She had 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

TnekKralz , Dan Bok Report

80 percent of men aged 80 and over have suffered or will experience prostate cancer at some point in their lives.

Eighty. Percent.

patrixwaysemmallet Report

America is home to about 5% of the world’s population, but about 25% of the world’s criminals.

Gaarakotk Report

I learned at a conference last week that 5 billion people do not have access to safe surgery.
It really shocked me. That’s 5 out of every 7 people in the world.

Missing_panda Report

Even though they make up just under 2% of the population, 44% of US billionaires are Jewish.

rlrhino7 Report

Walt Disney World has more employees (about 75,000) than US miners (about 50,000).


67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" My history lecturer told us the other day that more American soldiers [unalived] in the Civil War than US soldiers [unalived] in all other wars combined.

deputy_du_du , Diego Gonzalez Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" Raise your hands and clap them together.

Wait one second, then do it again.

If you could plot the distance between the first and second cotton, it would be over 800 kilometers.

This is because the Earth is moving around the Sun, the Sun is moving around the center of the galaxy, the galaxy is moving through the Virgo Supercluster, and the Virgo Supercluster is racing through the universe. When you add up all the speeds and compare the result to the cosmic microwave background (which is the closest we have to a universal frame of reference), you get about 800 kilometers per second.

In the time it took you to read this, you have gone further than you have ever been in your life.

RamsesDove , Lisa Fotios Report

If you shuffle a deck of cards correctly, you will create a configuration that has never been and most likely never will be. This is because there are 8.1×10^67 possible combinations for fifty-two cards, and each of them would take longer to complete than the lifetime of the universe.

RamsesDove Report

67 people answer the question "What is the most interesting statistic?" Wearing a seat belt correctly reduces the chance of a front-seat passenger being killed in a frontal collision by 45%. Seat belts save lives. People, damn it, wear them. In addition, airbags are more likely to cause injuries than prevent them when seat belts are not fastened.

Dantemanning , state farm Report

If you are a man over 7 feet tall, you have a 17% chance of making it to the NBA.

It’s about 1 to 6.

BoringPersonAMA Report

For a while we were all one cell. Now we have about 37 trillion of them.

Lihamt Report

To get an overdose from smoking weed, you would have to smoke about 1,500 pounds in less than 15 minutes. This is 20-40 thousand joints. THC won’t even kill you, it will be carbon monoxide poisoning.

PainfullySynaesthetic Report

Photons from the Sun’s core take approximately 170,000 years to reach the convection zone of the photosphere, where they are ejected into space. In other words, the sunlight you see is hundreds of thousands of years old.

matk1017 Report

One of the most dangerous jobs in the US is being president.

18% of presidents died in office, half of them by assassination attempt.

soon Report

More Vietnam veterans committed suicide than died in the war.

To hell with warmongers.

A few words better Report

A black man in St. Louis is more likely to be killed by a police officer than the average US citizen in general.

Whether you think BLM is a bunch of crap or not, Republican or Democrat or whatever, these stats are pretty interesting. Keep in mind, part of the US population probably doesn’t even believe the statistics are correct.

kubai Report

Women on OKCupid believe that the top 7% of men are above average attractive based on their photos alone. They believe that only the top 19% are average or above. The largest group in the statistic was “moderately unattractive” with 31%. “Unattractive” starts at the 58% percentile, with 27% of men being “very unattractive”.

The women did not describe the men as “very attractive”.

Zan1138 Report

50% of our living US presidents have been accused of sexual harassment.

Xizus Report

If none of Wayne Gretzky’s goals were scored, his assists would still make him the NHL’s all-time leading scorer.

grumpy_meat Report

That by almost every important measure the world is better for life today than at any time in the history of mankind.

keen_uninterested Report

1) The largest air force in the world is the US Air Force. The second largest is the United States Navy and Army combined.

2) It is generally accepted that an aircraft carrier is the most valuable and influential piece of military equipment, since it allows you to wage war from anywhere in the world without putting civilians at risk.
As of 2016 the US had 14, the next closest country had 2.

k1net1c5 Report

Cosmetic Surgery – South Korea:

South Korean women most obsessed with cosmetic surgery are among the women of the world. Statistics show that one in five women in South Korea has had at least one cosmetic surgery, four times more than women in the United States. As a result, South Korean plastic surgeons have made a name for themselves by taking around 7.5 million people to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, for cosmetic surgery.

meniptv Report

IQ correlates more strongly with income than with socioeconomic status.

vcxnuedc8j Report

Let’s say in 110 years every person who is alive now will be dead. All the big superstars, actors and everyone who will be will be completely different people that we don’t know. Last night I was crazy and I thought about it and it just blew my fucking mind.

actually completely domain Report

Black men have a 1/3 chance of going to jail at some point in their lives in the US.

soon Report

North of Canada’s southernmost point, there are more Americans than Canadians.

Doctor_Spicy Report

The population of Ireland is not yet half recovered from the famine of 150 years ago.

The immediate consequences of the famine led to the fact that a great many people died of starvation or disease, and others emigrated to avoid the same fate. Longer-term effects led to the disruption of the social order, leading to emigration and the subsequent 100-year population decline. Only in the last 50 years has the population begun to grow again.

TryHelpPeople Report

In size, a dust particle is halfway between a subatomic particle and the Earth.

soon Report

There are more barrels of bourbon in Kentucky than people.

Nilbert Report

If you were to take the smallest cylinder of air that completely surrounds the Eiffel Tower, the air itself would have more mass than the rest of the tower.

Edit: Due to the buoyant forces, it definitely won’t weigh more on Earth. However, it still has a lot of mass. Also specified the size of the cylinder.

GruntCrunchy Report

Morbidly obese people cost their insurers significantly less than healthy people. The reason is that although morbid obesity causes so many health problems, people die at such a relatively young age that they have no chance of earning such a high bill.

Oxford Bombers Report

More aircraft were shot down during World War II than there are aircraft registered in the world today.

soon Report

The mass of all viruses in the ocean easily exceeds the mass of all living elephants.

ZikaBr Report

This is a bit technical, but let’s assume that the test is being done to detect HIV in a sample where 1% of the population has HIV. Let’s assume that 90% of those who tested positive were actually HIV-positive, and 90% of those who tested negative were not. The most interesting thing is that with these statistics, if you were to take the test and get a positive result, you would only have an 8.33% chance that you actually have HIV! I would explain the math, but that’s already long enough. It’s probably not that interesting to most, but studying it in statistics blew my mind.

roshkp Report

More people live in Dallas/Fort Worth than in the entire state of Louisiana.

worldster Report

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