67 Silly Comics full of random twists and pokemon

Humor is a great way to tell jokes or send a message to your audience. They are fun and easy to read. Messages are often communicated in an easy-to-digest format. The creator of Katalyst Comics, Kyle, also known for the character “Blue Boi”, began writing and illustrating his own stories in April 2020. And as we all remember, 2020 was known as the year of the lockdown, during which our boredom levels reached their peak. . It was the necessary push for Kyle to dive into a new phase of his life.

At the time, Kyle remembers being in a dark place in his life, and comedy was a way to pass the time and relieve ongoing stress. Fast forward to that day, we can read part 2 of his silly comics.

If you want to watch part 1, click here.

More information: Instagram | ko-fi.com | redbubble.com

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