7 Best and 7 Worst episodes of Broad City

The pilot episode of Wide City may have the lowest rating on IMDb, but it’s far from the show’s worst episode. The show’s first episode gives viewers an idea of ​​what “Wide City” is all about. Quickly setting the show’s formula, the women get into trouble trying to complete a task that might be impossible. When Ilana finds out about Lil Wayne’s secret concert, she convinces Abby to quit her job and help her find a way to attend. They spend the evening trying to raise enough money for tickets, getting into increasingly absurd situations.

Although this is only a pilot episode, “What a Wonderful World” still feels pretty mature, perhaps because Abby and Ilana have spent years perfecting the show as a web series. While this is a good episode, it doesn’t quite reach the heights that later episodes achieve as the actors and writers feel more comfortable in their roles. In fact, Episode 2 is already an improvement on the pilot and contains some of the series’ most important moments. memorable jokes.

“What a Wonderful World” is basically at a disadvantage because it’s complex compared to many of the other great episodes of “Broad City” especially in the second season, which is arguably the best season of the show. There isn’t much to pick on in this episode, but looking back, it’s clear that Abby and Ilana were just getting started.

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