7-year-old girl disappears after two rumors since last seen

A 7-year-old New Hampshire girl reportedly went missing more than 2 years after she was last seen.

The Manchester Police Department was informed of Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance last week …

Despite not being seen since October 2019, Too awesome reports.

Harmony was only 5 years old when she disappeared from the family home.

In a statement, the police department described Harmony’s disappearance as “very alarming,” the newspaper said.

The statement read: “The circumstances of this long absence are of great concern and are being thoroughly investigated.”

“Detectives at the Manchester Police Department have been investigating this case continuously since they became aware of it.”

It is currently unknown who reported the loss of Harmony, but the investigation is ongoing as police were spotted in the house where Harmony was once spotted.

However, the current owner of the home has nothing to do with the case, said Police Chief Allen D. Oldenberg.

Police were reported to be among those who last saw Harmony after answering a call a month before her disappearance.

Harmony’s father’s uncle, Kevin Montgomery, told Daily beast that in July 2019 he noticed that Harmony had a black eye, so he called the Department of Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

Then, just 3 months later, Montgomery was forced to call the police as his nephew, allegedly Harmony’s father, was allegedly trying to break into the house.

After the incident, Montgomery stated that Harmony’s father cut off communication with many family members.

He also added that he has been worried about the safety of Harmony for years.

In his address Monday, Police Chief Allen D. Aldenberg urged members of the public to share whatever information they may have.

Although Aldenberg was unable to share many of the details, he said that he learned of Harmony’s disappearance through a call from the Department of Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

When asked why it took so long for Harmony to disappear, Aldenberg said it was a question he also asked.

The police chief was also asked many questions about Harmony’s parents, which he refused.

However, he said, “I will emphasize again that we continue to communicate and talk with many, many family members. We are two years behind the capacity schedule. ”

“Where Harmony should have been, and who she should have been with – she is not with them.”

According to Too Fab, Harmony is described as a 7-year-old white woman about 4 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She wears glasses and is blind in one eye.

A tip line has been established dedicated to the Harmony case, and a reward of $ 33,000 is offered for information.

At the time of writing, the Amber Missing Children Warning has not been issued due to lack of evidence.

We hope that Harmony will be safe soon.

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