’70s Show Fans Agree This Is The Best Friendship On The Show

According to a recent Reddit thread, some fans of That ’70s Show think that the friendship between Fez and Kelso is the best. Although you/berrybunniez started the conversation by noting that the friendship between Eric and Hyde is their favorite, many fans would respond that Fez and Kelso are better. u/KylexLumien said: “I always knew that Fez and Michael would survive!” Other fans have stated that they will continue to support the two. you / take luck and care cited funny interactions between characters, and u / MyriVerse2 also explained that Fez and Kelso definitely transcended any Hyde relationship. “I don’t think Hyde ever understood what true friendship is,” they said.

The support for Kelso and Fez has not been very consistent, with many fans maintaining various other friendships. you/bromley2000 commented that Jackie and Donna’s relationship was cute and fans liked it y/GavinatorSzK supported Fez and Hyde. “Fez being Hyde’s ‘little buddy’ has to be one of the best,” they explained. However, Fez and Kelso not only share a lot of funny moments, but have been (or are) in a relationship with the same girl again.

Ashton Kutcher recently spoke with entertainment tonight about returning as Kelso in the upcoming spin-off That ’90s Show. Kutcher explained, “It’s funny and weird. It was very nostalgic and really weird. Going back to the basement – just going back to the set was weird. And then being among everyone is just weird.” Wilmer Valderrama is also set to reprise his role as Fez, along with the appearance of most of the main cast.

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