73 Times This Wedding-Shaming Group Didn’t Back Down (New Photos)

A one-of-a-kind event where everything is at stake. All the money, all the effort, all the planning, all the dreams, and yes, we’re talking about weddings.

And when the pressure to have the perfect day reaches boiling point, it essentially becomes a real-life reality show with drama, unrequited emotions, toxic family members, entitled guests, brides and grooms. .

The content that weddings provide us with is so vast that social media has been popping up lately with wedding shaming groups one after another. Known as this corner of Reddit. The Wedding Shaming subreddit There’s also a destination for shaming wedding themes, vendors, brides and grooms, in-laws, and Uncle Bobs, and anything from the guy, it’s buzzing.

Below we rounded up some of the newest posts shared on the community, so scroll down for some crazy wedding drama. More embarrassing wedding content can be found here and here in our previous posts.

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