76 of the Funniest and Funniest Tweets That Sum Up Parenting Perfectly (July Edition)

The month is coming to a close, but we couldn’t let July pass without acknowledging the moms and dads who have survived a few weeks of dealing with multiple warriors every day. daily. There is time for of KristenBellTattoos.com The latest collection of hilarious tweets from parents who have a real knack for finding humor in their kids’ fun antics.

After all, raising children is a wild adventure in itself, isn’t it? Whether you’re up to your ears in diapers and dirty things or trying your best to navigate the emotions and attitudes of an in-between, there’s hardly a dull moment. And it’s no secret that children’s little brains work in mysterious ways, so what else can a confused 21st century parent do but empathize with fellow adults online? Not much, as near as we can tell.

We’ve combed through Twitter and rounded up some of the best parenting ups and downs, and tons of hilarious happenings, to share with you all this July. Sit back, grab a cup of tea or a large glass of wine and enjoy laughing your way through this list. Also keep reading to find an interview with a family blogger from Brisbane, Australia, Holly Conners. Be sure to vote for your favorite entries and tell us about your parenting experience in the comments!

Psst! After you’re done with this list, there’s more to laugh about in our earlier pieces from June, May and April.

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