78,000 pounds of baby food arrived in the US

The shortage of infant formula in the US has resulted in many people speaking out about their struggles and many more coming forward to help those who don’t know what to do.

And now 78,000 pounds of infant formula has arrived in the US.

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In the face of formula shortages, many mothers spoke about the challenges they faced due to formula shortages.

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And since then, companies have been talking about what they can do to help.

Nestlé plans to increase production of infant formula here in the US, as well as send additional flights from other countries, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands, to deal with the shortfall.

The move took place after Food and Drug Administration suggested that foreign manufacturers allow shipments to America.

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And Switzerland was our top choice as they are the third largest producer of baby food in the world.

In addition to increasing production, Nestle also gives priority to imported brands Gerber Good Start Extensive HA and Alfamino.

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This is because these special formulas are safe for children who are allergic to the protein found in cow’s milk.

And shortages have been especially difficult for children with allergies, making it nearly impossible for parents to find the right formula for their children.

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Shortages are reportedly linked to the pandemic and supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, which in turn have slowed the production of infant formula.

The plan for imports during the period of greatest shortage comes from Biden administrationplans to alleviate what has become a terrible problem across America.

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Mix plants are working overtime to ensure demand is met, in the hope that shortages will end soon.

This will certainly come as a relief to struggling parents.

But that is not all…

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Because the website is now connecting people who need the formula with those who have the formula to donate.

Web site, freeformula.exchange states, “We got you, family,” hopefully this will help many parents feel relieved when they’re trying to get formula for their babies.

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“The Free Formula Exchange is a nationwide self-help network connecting families who need infant formula with people who have formula to donate,” they say.

What’s better? This is a free website to use which makes it accessible to everyone.

How it works? You may be interested…

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Well, by going to the site, you will be able to choose one of two options: request the mixture or donate it.

“Feeding our children is a human right,” the website says. “Cost should not be a barrier to feeding our children. This is a mutual aid platform and no paid transactions are allowed between formula seekers and providers. We’re trading humanity, not dollars.”

Who tuned this instrument? Keiko Zoll, mom, writer and nonprofit professional.

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Mom said she needed to do something about the shortage when she heard about exhausted moms.

“I was listening to this episode of the Post Reports podcast while driving and I had to stop because I couldn’t stop crying as I listened to stories of exhausted, depressed mothers just trying to feed their children. It made me think about when my son was premature and how he needed expensive, hard-to-find specialty formula after breast milk wasn’t enough to help him develop,” she said.

And so she decided it was time to act.

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“America does a terrible job of supporting parents. Outraged by the fact that our nation is moving towards abolishing a man’s right to choose fatherhood when and how he wants it, learning that we can’t even feed children right now was too much for me. I needed to do something,” she continued.

Already many people have come to the site to leave their reviews…

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Kristen from Pennsylvania said it gave her “peace of mind”.

“I have a two month old baby girl. Finding the right formula for her was no easy task. This platform has given me such peace of mind and confidence knowing that people are ready to help,” she said.

Myra, from Illinois, said her “interaction” with her donor was “very polite.”

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Amanda from Massachusetts said she was “grateful” after the stress.

“I’m a stressed mom just trying to feed her baby and you warmed my heart and made me feel so grateful that there are people like you in the world.”

For more information, or if you would like to donate or need a donation, please click here.

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We definitely need more people like Keiko Zoll, that’s for sure.

And now 78,000 pounds of infant formula has arrived in the US.

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On Sunday, a military plane arrived in Indianapolis with a special formula for more than half a million baby bottles. New York Post.

“Biden’s people are bragging that they brought in 78,000 pounds of baby food. Now that seems like a big number to most people, but it’s actually less than two trucks, I hope they have a hell of a lot of planes,” one person said. wrote on Twitter.

“78,000 pounds of baby food for a country of 330,000,000 people. Might seem more impressive if measured in ounces or even grams.” —another marked.

This was stated by the director of the National Economic Council of the White House, Brian Deese. said that the delivery will hopefully bring “some gradual relief in the coming days”.

Dees also said that more formulas will be in stores for the foreseeable future.

He said he would: “More mixes will be in stores this week.”

More parcels should also arrive.

According to White House1.5 million 8-ounce bottles of three formulas to help babies with cow’s milk allergies are also due to arrive this week.

On May 12 this year, the White House issued a statement explaining why the lack of formula milk has hit the United States so hard.

“On February 17th, Abbott Nutrition, the largest infant formula manufacturer in the country, initiated a voluntary recall of several dry formula lines. This comes after concerns about bacterial contamination at Abbott’s Sturgis, Michigan facility after four babies became ill and two died. said.

Nestlé also spoke out.

“We have significantly increased the amount of our blends available to consumers by ramping up production and accelerating the overall availability of products to retailers and online, as well as through hospitals and home health care for the most vulnerable groups,” they said. started.

“At Nestle, we are committed to doing everything we can to provide parents and caregivers with the formula they need so their children can thrive.

“We chose these products because they serve important medical purposes as they are intended for children with cow’s milk protein allergies,” they said.

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