83 Of The Best Examples Of ‘Friendly Architecture’ Around The World, As Shared In This Online Group

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Being friendly can go a long way. Even if you only have a brief interaction with someone, showing a bit of kindness can make their day and inspire them to spread a little more positivity as well. And contrary to what you might believe, people and animals are not the only ones who can be friendly. Apparently architecture can be too.

Allow me to introduce you to Friendly Architecture. This subreddit celebrates all of the people-friendly places in the world, from beautiful cycle paths to train tunnels that block anyone from falling onto the tracks. We’ve gathered some of our favorite posts from this friendly group, so you too can appreciate the brilliance of these architects who were thinking ahead. Be sure to upvote all of the pics of infrastructure that you would give a hearty “hello!” to if you came across them, and then let us know in the comments where the friendliest architecture you’ve ever encountered was. Keep reading to also find an interview with Honor Hingston-Cox, the creator of Friendly Architecture, and then if you’re looking for another KristenBellTattoos.com article appreciating great design after finishing this list, we’ve got you covered right here.

#1 It’s Not For People But It’s Still Friendly

Image credits: Zestavar

To hear more about the background of this friendly page, we reached out to the subreddit’s creator, Honor Hingston-Cox, to hear what inspired her to launch Friendly Architecture in the first place. “I’ve been a fan of thoughtfully built things forever, and particularly since Design Like You Give a Damn by Architecture for Humanity came out back in 2006,” Honor told KristenBellTattoos.com. “In 2010, I heard the RadioLab short about a bus stop for people with dementia in Dusseldorf, and I knew that there just had to be even more good in the world of the built environment. I started seeking out designs that considered specific groups of people or animals,” she explained.

“Later I was introduced to the world of Hostile Architecture. This is where the built environment is designed to change the users behavior in a negative way. Hostile architecture is designed to stop people sitting down (think spikes on walls) or lying down (arm rests on benches), or to stop birds nesting (‘bird spikes’). I realized that the architecture I was into was about encouraging behaviors, instead of stopping them.”

#2 Mini Door At Child’s Doctor’s Office, Neat Idea!

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Image credits: L_Suz

“One day, after getting overwhelmed by the negativity of Hostile Architecture, I started a subreddit to collect all of the good things,” Honor says. “I posted a picture of a picnic table designed with an overhang on one side, made to accommodate a person in a wheelchair. The table encourages everyone to sit together. It doesn’t stop behaviors, it starts them.”

“Slowly people found the sub from my posts as a mod on Hostile Architecture. I think that other people needed a chaser after seeing some of the awful, mean design in the world. I separated the posts into categories of thought and catalogued things that are accessible, social, promote sharing and coexisting with nature, provide shelter, food/water, rest, information, sanitation, or are about saving lives. I also included architecture for Pure Fun.”

“It’s been amazing seeing it grow and seeing others bring in Friendly Architecture from their world into the sub,” Honor told KristenBellTattoos.com. “It can be hard to find Friendly Architecture, but when I do, I feel so good about the world.”

#3 Cover For Bicycle Saddle So It Doesn’t Get Wet When It Rains

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Image credits: Jezoreczek

Since Honor is an expert on the more positive side of architecture and design, we asked her for some of her favorite examples of friendly architecture from around the world. “What’s amazing about the sub is finding that there are pockets of friendly architecture everywhere,” she said said. “My favorites are hyper-local ideas (like the Dusseldorf bus stop) that could catch on elsewhere if they got the publicity and funding they need. There are the public defibrillators in Adelaide, Australia that can be operated by anyone at any time of day and canopy bridges for wildlife in Anaimalai Hills, India and Longview, Washington. Those are the posts that hope people see and think ‘Wow, that could totally work in my neighborhood’.”

“Others are major hits already,” Honor explained. “Think Little Free Pantries and Curb Cuts, Buddy Benches and over and underpasses for animal populations. Some posts are much more site-specific like a light show in San Antonio that “repaints” the mission buildings as they appeared when painted, or the towers for Chimney Swifts that are placed along their migration routes. These are designs that I hope will inspire brand new projects. There are thoughtful, friendly designers and architects everywhere. Thank goodness!”

#4 In Case This Counts: Braille On The Rail To Describe The View

62f64c5a22c2c friendly architecture pics

Image credits: messyredemptions

When it comes to the benefits that friendly architecture can reap, Honor says, “Friendly architecture makes life better for all. And it responds to the moment. Cell phone lanes for pedestrians and the social distancing park in Brooklyn show that designers and planners can work together to make life better in the face of something new. Facilitating sharing is another great benefit of Friendly Architecture. In the USA, so many of us have so much, but the infrastructure to facilitate sharing isn’t robust. Enter spots to share clothes, beach toys at the beach, electricity for phone charging and even tools for bike repair.”

Lastly, Honor added, “Friendly Architecture is really hard to find! It’s out there, but it hasn’t caught people’s attention the way that Hostile Architecture has. Still, I’m super impressed by how many members we have. Being a Friendly Architecture detective is extremely rewarding.”

#5 This Drinking Fountain Allows You To Gill Your Bottle, And Saves The Extra Water For Passing Dogs

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Image credits: ownworldman

Have you ever encountered a building with no wheelchair access or stairs that are so steep and narrow you have to focus on every single one or you’ll lose your footing? Whoever designed those spaces did not have the “friendly architecture” mindset. Maybe they should have taken a look at the Friendly Architecture subreddit before embarking on their projects because they surely would have found some inspiration there. 

This online group has nearly 16k members at the moment, and is famous for celebrating buildings or public spaces that were designed in a way that “encourages people to interact with them”. Their about section states that structures shared on the page “may also be beautiful, accessible, supportive, helpful or keep people and other living things safe from harm”. And the group only has one rule: be friendly. A quick scroll through their community shows a variety of genius designs and spaces that are just begging to be greeted and invited over for dinner.

#6 Wildlife Overpass, Trans-Canada Highway, Banff National Park, Canada. The 38 Passes And Fencing Have Reduced Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions By More Than 80%

62f6367750df0 oo11vk8047v41 700


While this page focuses mainly on architecture that is friendly in terms of inviting citizens to use it, there are a variety of ways that a space can be kind, including how it treats the environment. The more sustainable a structure is, the friendlier it is to everyone, including people, animals and the planet. To gain some insight on environmentally friendly architectural styles, we consulted a piece that Terri Briseno wrote for How Stuff Works.

One genius eco-friendly housing solution some people have embraced is turning a space that was previously something else into housing units. For example, the Keetwonen student dorm complex in Amsterdam is comprised of former shipping containers that have been transformed into apartments. This is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle and offers an affordable and innovative solution for students in need of a place to live. It’s a creative solution, but it definitely qualifies as a friendly one as well.  

#7 They Put Rails Under The Benches In This Park So You Can Always Be In The Shadow

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Image credits: jadedcloud

Downsizing and moving into a tiny house or small apartment is another great friendly solution to your housing needs. While it may take some adjusting to at first, living in a small space typically helps homeowners save much less on their utility bills, making this solution budget-friendly as well. This has become a popular route for many people living in large, crowded cities to take, but it’s becoming more common all around the world. By using less resources in your home, the environment will thank you for this friendly gesture, and your wallet will thank you when it’s feeling fuller at the end of the month. 

On a similar note, taking advantage of multi-family units can also be a great eco-friendly alternative to living in a single-unit home. According to a study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, focusing on building multifamily and attached housing units is one of the best ways to minimize energy consumption in many communities. Spaces that share walls hold in heat and increase efficiency, so becoming more friendly and open-minded to sharing your space with neighbors might also help your family become more eco-friendly as well.

#8 Public Defibrillation Station, Adelaide, Australia

62f6182722eae q10heft7vsu61 700


#9 Solar Park Bench With USB Charging Ports

Image credits: dearly_decrpit

The way a space makes us feel can have a great impact on our mental and emotional states. And according to Teknion, there are several aspects architects need to consider when designing a “people friendly space”. The first step they suggest is being sure to incorporate nature. This can be done by allowing for ample natural light to flow through a space, using glass to define enclosed spaces to allow for a more open feel and making sure the windows have a view of trees, plants or the sky. Even the materials and colors in a space can be designed with nature in mind, utilisting organic shapes, peaceful colors and wood or stone elements. We tend to feel extremely at ease when surrounded by nature, so why shouldn’t we want to emulate that feeling when indoors?  

#10 Parent + Child Library Carrel, So You Can Do Your Research And Keep Your Little One Occupied. Fairfield Library, Virginia, USA


#11 In Asia Nobody Has To Worry About Falling Into The Subway Tracks

62f6180679de5 j95t2fbfqkc81 700

Image credits: blammycuzzing

#12 These Benches That Turn Into Tables

62f667d50770d friendly architecture pics


Another method Teknion recommends for creating a friendly space is to make sure the design “promotes movement”. Particularly when it comes to an office space, they explain that the ideal layout will encourage organic casual meetings through open spaces, lounge chairs and sofas, attractive stairwells and low tables that allow for relaxed postures. Adjustable furniture that allows workers the option of whether they want to sit or stand can also be great in an office setting. Even having walls with writable areas or boards where colleagues can pin memos encourages people to get involved and feel like more of a community. They can share ideas face to face or on the wall, which provides one more reason to get up from their desks and take a walk every now and then. A smart designer makes sure that their space is friendly itself and inspires people to be friendly to one another.

#13 Homeless Bench, Vancouver, Canada

Image credits: bigredpanda_

#14 These Two Coin Lockers That Are Easily Accessible In A Wheelchair, Austria

62f633eb52bca ykqvskbfz1w81 700


#15 Turtle Tunnels In Japan, Protecting The Turtles Crossing Train Tracks And Stopping Trains From Derailing Due To Turtles!!

Image credits: p3yeet

Another important feature of a friendly space is one that minimizes disruptions. Some people enjoy chatting and making small talk, but for others, these distractions can be frustrating and send certain individuals into sensory overload. It is best to have some places designated for chatter and discussions, while other places are reserved for peace and quiet. “As the world continues to urbanize and more people work longer hours indoors, often at a computer, it becomes ever more important to employ design to reduce stress, enhance creativity and improve mental and physical health,” Teknion explains. “We need design that connects us with nature, that supports our biological need to move and our emotional need to occasionally withdraw to think or rest as much as we need the means to draw people together and connect their working thoughts and ideas.”

#16 Green Man+, A Card & Traffic Light System To Give People More Time To Cross At Intersections, Singapore

friendly architecture pics 12 62f63df21395e 700


#17 Hedgehog Highway (Dolly Parton Called These Out This Week), UK

62f634a872b7c 2ysfkgkbjw061 700


#18 Amphibian Tunnel, Cycle Highway Of Eindhoven, Netherlands

62f6186497eec p5tlzcfp0ms61 700


Another common theme celebrated in the Friendly Architecture page is places that are very accommodating for people with disabilities. Of course, wheelchair users and others with disabilities should not have problems visiting anywhere, but the unfortunate reality is that some spaces have not been designed with them in mind. That’s frustrating to hear when you realize that in the UK alone, there are over 13 million people living with disabilities. Architects have the power to make these individuals’ lives much easier or much harder, so it is vital that they ensure easy access and “friendly design” for everyone. As architect Ian Fulgar writes on his blog, “Accessibility in architecture improves cognition, self-esteem, and life satisfaction for those who live in these environments, potentially improving public health significantly. Individuals and organizations can benefit from accessible design practices, which boost productivity, foster creativity, and make it comfortable for people to participate in their communities.”

#19 Earthships, Passive Solar Earth Shelters Around The World

friendly architecture pics 9 62f63bba6ee98 700


#20 A Bridge Providing A Bench In The Fences In Shanghai

62f636d6a8ffb da2n0469af751 700

Image credits: mngrpher

#21 Tiled Patches In Cracked Pavement, Lyon, France (By Ememem)

friendly architecture pics 6 62f61cea94a5e png 700


Ian goes on to note some famous examples of excellent architecture in terms of accessibility. One of which is the Hazelwood School in Glasgow, Scotland, which is actually featured on this list. The school was designed incorporating senses such as smell, taste and touch to create increased awareness for sensory impaired children and allow them to have greater independence than most buildings permit. The school was even the first in the UK to receive a DesignShare Honor Award and is one of the most renowned innovative learning institutions in the world.

#22 Polite Of This Building To Not Distract From The Beautiful Sky

62f617ff20b11 fngfvn5prf191 700

Image credits: bolderbikes

#23 Bee Bricks: Bricks With Holes For Solitary Bees

friendly architecture pics 5 62f61be82a36e png 700


#24 Pedal Bench, El Parque Del Retiro, Madrid. Photo: Felix Wong

62f6432eaf3bf las0pxv73dw41 png 700


RMJM also notes on their website the importance of keeping accessibility in mind when designing a space. “But inclusive design does not refer exclusively to whole buildings, it also includes anything from appliances to furniture and interiors,” they explain. “It could be, for example, the case of gender-neutral public bathrooms or intuitive furniture for hearing-loss impaired people. While there are many discussions around the spaces designed for people with reduced mobility or visual impairments, the ones created for people who suffer from hear-loss are not as noticeable.”

“There are various considerations to make when designing a space for people with hear-loss impairments,” they go on to note. “One of them is the layout of the room. Considering a wide or circular layout rather than linear allows all the participants to see each other, and thus it is possible to read each other’s speech. Ramps, graphic security elements and automatic doors are equally important to guarantee the safety of the users while walking and moving.”

#25 Wheelchair Friendly Sandbox

friendly architecture pics 14 62f640c8b4063 700


#26 Sympathetic Architecture

62f618106a0fb ijurpqo4mhb71 700

Image credits: Desire4Gunfire

#27 This Bench Also Works As A Xylophone. Also, No Dividers!

Image credits: SoManyTimesBefore

Friendly design sometimes requires thinking outside of the box, but it is always worth it when a space becomes warm, inviting and accessible. We hope you’re enjoying this list of people-friendly places and spaces, and we especially hope that wherever you live is full of infrastructure that could be featured here too. Be sure to keep upvoting your favorite pieces of design, so your fellow pandas see them too, and then let us know in the comments what the friendliest piece of architecture you’ve ever witnessed was. And if you’d like to see even more of these innovative pieces of design, you can check out the Friendly Architecture subreddit right here.

#28 Ground Signage, Vienna/Wien, Austria

62f635e400c1b 78g1qolyv4581 png 700


#29 Wine Windows, Mostly Florence, Italy, Originally For Plague And Now Reopened And Revived

friendly architecture pics 3 62f61b3e23085 700


#30 Cellphone Lane And No Cellphone Lane, Chongquing, China

62f636f08c9d0 vt4pbwj1ce351 700


#31 These Bollards Double As Chairs [bonus Car-In-Bike-Path In The Background]

62f61a99b5be7 9wuoaof4s0871 png 700

Image credits: olythrowaway4

#32 Safe Haven Baby Boxes

62f636f55c3ba upq9hjsahqo41 700


#33 In Norway You Get A Small Amount Of Money For Recycling Bottles/Cans. They’re Often Collected By Poor People, Homeless Etc. A Lot Of Our Trash Cans Has These Holders Around Them So People Don’t Have To Search Through The Trash To Collect Them

Image credits: beets_or_turnips

#34 Super-Accessible Waterfront, Sirens Beach, Greece


#35 Modskool – Design Museum Winner For Best Architecture 2020, India

ModSkool is a school that is designed to be easily erected and dismantled in response to forced evictions of farming communities on the floodplains of the Yamuna river in India.


First built in 2017 in less than three weeks by students, school staff, parents, and local volunteers, the school was dismantled one year later due to land-ownership issues. The new school, relocated further south, was held together with the form of weave used for a charpoy, a multifunctional piece of furniture traditionally used as a daybed.

friendly architecture pics 62f6355676441 700


#36 Giant Chess In Sarajevo

62f6433ebbfdd nlh0eq4l74p41 700


#37 If You’re Going To Dry Lumber Anyway, Why Not? Vancouver, Bc


#38 A Friendly Urban Cycle Path In Girona

62f617c027225 t7i8ee3ohch71 700

Image credits: Saoirse-on-Thames

#39 Giving Back To Pedestrians!

Image credits: Expiscor

#40 Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

62f634e003160 miwru68nsnl61 700


#41 These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

62f635f8da0b9 y15fprt617f41 700

Image credits: Tikimanly

#42 Crab Migration Bridge, Christmas Island, Australia

62f6364b65232 tivtvnlrq9u41 700


#43 These Benches Were Designed By Velopa So That Those With Walkers Could Park Them Discreetly And Still Be Part Of The Conversation. The Footrests And Large Armrests Are To Help People Get Up Again. (See R/Hostile For More Discussion)

62f6365e33e1a 7r6wdawqajy51 png 700


#44 Bioswale, Seattle Wa. (A Channel To Concentrate, Clean And Move Stormwater)

62f636c75db12 y373qeiokgq41 700


#45 Social Distancing Circles, Domino Park, Brooklyn, USA


#46 A Bus Stop With Swings

62f637394cb73 5wakp2ut5dz31 700


#47 This Bus Stop Near My Home In Norway


#48 Curb Cuts With Tactile Paving – Great For Everyone!

62f637c4cbd91 4e49u79geam41 700


#49 Sidewalk Hopscotch, Amsterdam (Photo: @marcovanhassel)

62f643342c7c0 pqdpj7pjjpr41 700


#50 The Fruit Bus Stops Of Nagasaki Prefecture (Designed To Showcase The Agricultural Output Of The Region)

62f61972dced3 c6qpkt9yeyp71 png 700


#51 This Droste Effect Little Library At A Community Org, Washington Dc


#52 Pool And Water Slide, Egmont Højskolen (“Folk High School”), Western Denmark

friendly architecture pics 4 62f61b654959e 700


#53 This Anti-Climbing Fence On The” S*icide Bridge “(Colloquially) In A Small Town England. There Are Also Signs With Suicide Hotlines On Them. Not A Fun Part Of Architecture But Definitely Helpful/Saving Lives

friendly architecture pics 2 62f61a7dd4867 700

Image credits: laDurchblick

#54 Old City, Jerusalem Added 4km Of Wheelchair-Accessible Routes In 2019 (And Cleared It With Unesco)

62f61b8949a53 5zlalek0n1p61 700


#55 Wheelchair Accessible Gardening. Used For Garden Therapy, Rehab, Hospice. Developed In Douvres-La-Délivrande, France

friendly architecture pics 13 62f63df79f0ae 700


#56 Public Bike Repair, With Bike Stand, UK, Oregon & Nebraska USA

62f6338740655 sl6qz11oibf71 png 700


#57 “Do You Want Us Here Or Not,” Art Seating By Shannon Finnegan

friendly architecture pics 11 62f63bc634442 700


#58 Wall Of Kindness, Norwich, Vermont, USA

62f633e69426f maym4leo8js81 png 700


#59 Enzo: Outdoor Furniture Designed For The Museumsquartier In Vienna

friendly architecture pics 10 62f63bc0ca5a9 700


#60 “Restored By Light”, Using Light To Recreate Frescoes On The Mission Buildings, San Antonio, Texas

62f6195c8011a 21bf64kac2771 700


#61 Little Free Rocks, Shells And Toy Exchange, Siletz Bay, Oregon

62f63403d8aa0 3bk7ghzvofq71 png 700


#62 Australian Wheelchair Swing!

Image credits: froz3nbabies

#63 Kassel Kerbs, Concave Curbs That Help Align Low-Floor Bus Wheels So Passengers Can Roll-On & Roll-Off

62f6187b21303 6k5tdqlwm6071 700


#64 This Gate Allowing Horses And Pedestrians Not Cars

62f6186a6ee00 ojNgb6D 700

Image credits: mngrpher

#65 Recessed “Pause Space” For Those With Asd Providing An Opportunity To Control The Amount Of Incoming Information, UK


#66 I Just Today Noticed How Friendly The Parking Lot/Sidewalk Barrier Actually Is At A Local Gas Station. None Others I’ve Seen Like It

No Curb. Allows for easy wheelchair/bike/disabled access at any point along the building. While there are disabled spots for parking, it makes sure its accessible anywhere. With the posts there rather than a curb, it prevents larger vehicles from sitting over the edge and lessening the walking space pedestrians and wheelchairs have.

62f6349b58d2d 8m8feqjsljs71 700

Image credits: Gertraic

#67 This Is One Of The More Common Architectural Tricks. This Kind Of “Gate” Stops Cars And Forces Cyclists To Stop Or Slow Down To Help Keep Pedestrians Save

62f6181574f7d c3a9rj0asq271 700

Image credits: laDurchblick

#68 Blast Proof Trash Containers


#69 Trash Cans For Cyclists (Blikvanger), Netherlands

friendly architecture pics 15 62f643c69ce2e 700


#70 Cycle Leaning Rail, Horsens, Denmark (So You Can Hold On While Waiting For The Light To Change)

62f63732c0a05 d9a6zb16bsz41 700


#71 Hand Sanitizer Station, Calgary, Canada. Photo By Sergei S. Scurfield

62f63723e69df iph6a2cpduk51 700


#72 Meditative Walking Labyrinth, Hogsback, South Africa

62f636ec5ac60 me1i0jit9k551 700


#73 The Tiles Around Our Apartment Complex Is Made Up Like The Enemies In Space Invaders, Sweden

62f61b7673802 etos6ykdlbv61 700


#74 Towers For Chimney Swifts , Replacements For Hollow Tree And Chimney Nesting Sites, Various

62f61b8174085 bdnvd42ztu471 700


#75 Texas-Shaped Pavers, North Texas, USA

62f634c31d6fb inokrdnq70e61 700


#76 Wheelchair Resting Spot On A Long Hill. Also A Bench In A Pinch

62f6366338ca1 w62ybhe8ena41 700


#77 River Skerne Footbridge Before And After, Darlington, UK

62f63656117c7 u9p76tpu9zq61 700


#78 Hazelwood School, Glasgow, Scotland

62f633f13d88f poqgtysbd2191 png 700


#79 Teetertotters Slotted Through The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall By Ronald Rael And Virginia San Fratello


#80 Bat-Friendly Spacing In Bridges, Texas And Elsewhere

friendly architecture pics 62f63458b3e11 700


#81 How To Stop Skaters Without Hostility

62f635d1231a8 1opuqlsu2ze71 700

Image credits: blammycuzzing

#82 Emergency Stopping Lane/Runaway Truck Ramp

62f634688f36d 1ig2uzn7miv61 700


#83 Circular Footbridge Over Roundabout, Shanghai

62f634b234659 q0w7m6ct3z361 700


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