83 Terrible Baking Fails to Make You Feel Better About Your Burnt Muffins

We have more tearful breakdowns trying to bake than doing anything else in the kitchen. We’re not afraid to admit it! Some things come naturally to us (making toast and frying eggs, for one), but baking is something we’re learning the hard way. But mistakes make you stronger, right?

Something that makes us feel better about our cooking skills is the internet. Although there are literally millions and millions of people who are far more talented and capable than us, at the same time, we are not the worst. Being average can be surprisingly good. Today, we’re featuring some of the silliest, worst, and most epic baking fails The r/bakingfail subreddit.

A small online community, it has documented some of the worst examples of baking attempts. It’s a curse word. Some people can use. Others may turn and run the other way. Scroll down and vote for your fave, Panda. Just remember, we all make mistakes and mistakes are opportunities for growth. But wow, are there so many opportunities for this on this list!

Meanwhile, checkout of KristenBellTattoos.com Interview about baking mistakes we can avoid. The famous pie artist And Published authorJessica Lee Clarke-Bojan, aka @thepieousbelow.

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