83 times the product packaging was very wrong, it was shared in this online group.

Packaging, Packaging, Packaging! Oh, when companies use a lot of packaging for their products, it affects our nerves a lot. When you look at all the plastic, paper and bubble wrap needed for a single little thing, the ‘excess’ doesn’t even cut it. Meanwhile, the environment is sitting in the corner, crying, wondering what it did wrong to deserve it and why companies don’t change their outdated business models.

Some packaging is horribly unnecessary, embarrassing. r / EgregiousPackaging subreddit, A place that shows that abuse is far from the positive thing that some customers are convinced of. Scroll down to see the worst criminals and tell us in the comments that the worst example you’ve ever seen with your own eyes is a panda.

Once you are done with this list, you can find more fuel for your anger by reading them both. Bored panda Articles on the right to excessive packaging Here, as well as Here.

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