86 Best Pictures of ‘Gardening’ Online Group (New Pictures)

Hello, fellow hobbits, how are you? There’s nothing like spending a little time around plants to revive you. Whether you go for a daily walk along a forest trail or tend to your green garden at home, you pandas know for a fact that spending time surrounded by nature can really have a positive effect on all of us.

There it is. The r/gardening subreddit I come A thriving online community of over 4.8 million members, it’s a celebration of all things gardening, green thumbs, and plant care. Aside from all the pretty pictures you’re about to see, you might also be aware of the fact that gardening is something we can all learn how to do well. All it takes is patience, a willingness to admit your mistakes, and a supportive environment full of people who can’t wait to help you.

Scroll down for some gardening goodness, vote for your favorite photos, and tell us about your connection to the panda hobby in the comments. what do you grow How big is your garden? What is your favorite plant and why? And when you’re done with this list, consider going for a walk. of KristenBellTattoos.com An earlier feature about the subreddit here.

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