86 times “Karen” acted in such a way that the Internet had to call them

There is nothing wrong with fighting for your interests. However, this has limits: the moment you begin to put yourself above everyone else, you run the risk of gaining the true right and alienating everyone – from the people closest to you to everyone with whom you meet.

We have collected examples of people who acted like the biggest and most titled assholes for whom they were shamed at r / facepalm subreddit… The internet has made it a habit to call anyone who is being rude Karen (if a woman) and ‘Kyle’ (if a man). Scroll down to see more rights than you’ve probably seen in an entire year.

And if you’ve ever come across someone whose rights were off-schedule, why not tell the story in the comment section at the bottom of the article?

# 1 This is the supreme leader of all Karen

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# 2 Another Karen was discovered

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3 Karen spat on the owner of a local pizzeria, and he fought back

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Insecure people tend to hurt and humiliate others in order to feel better. British psychotherapist Silva Neves explained to KristenBellTattoos.com during a previous interview that some people with a “I’m not enough” mentality lash out at others until they gain self-confidence through self-compassion.

“Uncertainty carries the message: ‘I’m not enough,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ or even ‘I’m not good for anywhere.’ These are painful ideas about themselves, but many of them do have these basic beliefs, ”the expert said in detail. Bored panda

# 4 Crappy National Parks

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# 5 Willful ignorance is fucking high

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# 6 Karens develop

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“Uncertainty can manifest itself either in the fact that they become invisible (if they do not see me, no one will notice my shortcomings), or vice versa, with the help of what we call ‘bragging’: shouting at everyone about how wonderful they are. This is usually done to try to convince yourself that they are good enough, ”he said.

“Another way to confront“ I’m not enough ”is to suppress others, sabotage other people’s success, or attack people to feel strong so that they can control their inner pain“ I’m not enough. ” All of these strategies don’t work because they either internalize or externalize the ‘I’m not enough’ belief and don’t change it, ”Silva explained.

# 7 Laura Is Covid Karen

funny karen jokes memes 104 61d4504c6d991 700

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# 8 refuses to wear the mask properly and directs a portable ventilator at her face.

Image credits: reddit.com

# 9 Twitter Karen

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“The key to being safer is to change the core belief“ I’m not enough ”to“ I’m enough. ” The way to do this is self-compassion. “

The mentality that we are not enough can take root in our childhood and become a part of who we are as an adult. But as adults, we can also change these beliefs.

# 10 “Karen’s Revenge”

funny karen jokes memes 101 61d44f848bb0e 700

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# 11 Karen asks, “How dare they sell ice cream?”

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# 12 I have questions

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“Perhaps the parents did not praise their children enough, or they paid more attention to mistakes than successes. Now, as adults, people can hug themselves from time to time and gently say to themselves: “You are fine. , “well done congratulations”. In the end, the brain will listen and gradually change the message “I am not enough” to “I am enough”, – said the expert.

“Instead of praising other people, it’s about talking to yourself with love. When people are genuinely aware of their successes, they can become truly more confident without having to impose their strength on others. ”

# 13 When you need to talk to a manager, no corona barrier gets in the way

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# 14 This woman is the reason people like her are called Karen. Because their name is actually Karen

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# 15 Yes, Karen. I am confident that the Red Cross will accept your demands for “pure” blood

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# 16 Karen lost her mind because she couldn’t use the metric system

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# 17 Okay Karen

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# 18 McDonald’s had two Karen showers yesterday and they wanted * only women * to serve them food

They yelled at the boy to make sure that * only women * were allowed to serve. Apparently, a group of people was going to come, but it was just them. I laughed so hard I cried

funny karen jokes memes 58 61d453bdaabc2 700

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# 19 Karen in the wedding group I am in

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Image credits: Yellow

# 20 Fat Karen makes a huge mistake and puts diesel in her car … Which is now a gas station malfunction. Certainly

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Image credits: Dumbledore

# 21 Karen stung by a bee

funny karen jokes memes 52 61d4483bc016e 700

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# 22 Love to hear this conversation with the lawyer.

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Image credits: Barton

23. This was found in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Image credits: TSL_Dad

# 24 Karen and Her Husband Are Blocking Parking Spaces For Their Family, Which Was “Right Around The Corner”

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Image credits: melann2199

# 25 Does it work

funny karen jokes memes 61 61d458410a6f6 700

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# 26 Someone furious Karen walked into the Apple Store and asked for a refund for her iPhone 5. I didn’t listen to the convention, but as I walked by, I heard the manager ask her if she was charging it, but she said no

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27. Karen leads the group that I have infiltrated.

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Image credits: Droygar

# 28 My wife already gets up at 4 a.m. to get ready for class these days, but she leaves, Karen.

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Image credits: 42 words

# 29 Guess Who

funny karen jokes memes 103 61d44f4dd4a13 700

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# 30 This lady’s husband won’t let anyone into the elevator with them, and then she walks around the entire catering area like this

Image credits: fireman

# 31 She Karen Ashwell Lmao

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# 32 Karen went a little overboard with this

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# 33 What the hell, Karen? Smh

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34. A spouse who is a soldier is now considered a service.

funny karen jokes memes 56 61d452243bcd1 700

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# 35 Generic Karen

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# 36 This is outrageous

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# 37 Of course, you can just change the roadway as you see fit …

Image credits: Bubbledash

# 38 Trying to cancel Minecraft because its “bad influence” doesn’t help defeat Karen’s stereotype

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# 40 Local Karen from my home state. Apparently, we are now North Korea …

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# 41 Karen and the Dinosaur

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

# 42 Karen is back in the game

funny karen jokes memes 100 61d44d1889135 700

Image credits: InvincibleV

# 43 Karen sits in a chair against a sign saying no to take off her mask and control her order at Starbucks.

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Image credits: Eyitsstormy

# 44 I was looking through a really nice restaurant I just visited after giving them 5 stars. Then I saw this Karen telling them they didn’t serve food

funny karen jokes memes 53 61d44afea48a2 700

Image credits: OnewithUnagi

# 45 People raise money for a cancer charity on our street (they were very polite)

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Image credits: laurenj2210

# 46 Bru

61d435f747922 rupftcka8w181 png 700

Image credits: Meynse

# 47 The principle is important …

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Image credits: _Xyreo_

# 48 A lady is upset that too many kids have gone to cheat or food in her area

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Image credits: Terrifying_Ear_310

# 49 This homophobic Karen is insane

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Image credits: itsmariokartwii

# 50 Karen doesn’t want your beep

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Image credits: Melissa

# 51 Karen wants to sue Victoria’s Secret because her 9-year-old son saw their catalog with “bad morals”.

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Image credits: Motorsped

# 52 A baker friend of mine sent this note to one of her employees tonight. This is a Vietnamese restaurant with French pastries and bread

funny karen jokes memes 54 61d44ce0e01bc 700

Image credits: Teh_Best86

# 53 How dare you not cook me a meal 1 min. Before closing?

61d437ba2da15 yeevl05jnn561 700

Image credits: Princess

# 54 Are other people at work? But I had a meeting !!

Image credits: novel

# 55 Her. Name. Is an. Karen. I just can not

funny karen jokes memes 200 61d456cab0d26 700

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# 56 Karen Karen

1280886731995299842 png 700

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# 57 .01 inches

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# 58 Please adjust my preference

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Image credits: just because

# 59 Saw this on Facebook …

Image credits: ThanosBigPurpleCock

# 60 Karen Decides Children’s Fun Is Not Enough to Have a Tree House

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# 61 Fuck You Karen

funny karen jokes memes 51 61d44796d51ba 700

Image credits: SgtK_999

# 62 Karen’s man? This is a joke?

61d43841a38d0 5os8vdeepdd71 png 700

Image credits: ipvpcrops

# 63 Sorry Karen

funny karen jokes memes 55 61d45188288b3 700

Image credits: Karma is sleeping

# 64 Never Karen

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Image credits: players blog

# 65 Sorry Karen Your Kid Didn’t Write This

Image credits: explosion-explosion

# 66 Crazy Karen Wish Kamala Harris Disease

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Image credits: Homeless cat23

# 67 This is a review of a kitchen knife …

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Image credits: fourNtwentyz

# 68 The youth baseball team had to put up these signs due to the large number of Karen acting like Karen

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Image credits: Antiques – lots 1263

# 69 Karens are insane

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Image credits: batmans_apprentice

# 70 Japan is 20 years ahead of us. This book was published in 1997.

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Image credits: reddit.com

# 71 Have a nice day Karen

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Image credits: sopadebombilla

# 72 Nice work, Karen

funny karen jokes memes 108 61d4553c00cc1 700

Image credits: IMBRUH_69

# 73 Karen cares more about her comfort than about people’s lives

funny karen jokes memes 107 61d4545f813f3 700

Image credits: Th3Doct0r360

# 74 Good Karen?

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Image credits: Dense mahatma

# 75 My friend is a UPS driver and he meets the Karen constantly during Covid-19

funny karen jokes memes 106 61d45354ae1f4 700

Image credits: GinoTonic

# 76 Karen must give up

1239572521097232384 png 700

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# 77 This is the flag of Liberia, Karen

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Image credits: Dark dominator

# 78 Brooklyn, New York. I found a special hair salon for Karen

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Image credits: Time_Fruit

# 79 Karen tries to report BLM supporters to their manager

funny karen jokes memes 59 61d4550d69184 700

Image credits: k___mia

# 80 They better replenish before she gets here

Image credits: 7hunderbird

# 81 Moving to another state so as not to use a mask

funny karen jokes memes 60 61d4579a6316c 700

Image credits: Ice cream328

# 82 Karen Discovered

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Image credits: Gaboroca

# 83 Ultra Karen, District Manager Summoner

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Image credits: Billipilygrim

# 84 Twitter Karen doesn’t understand how testing works

61d442e5556cf j93nsha64dn51 png 700

Image credits: TheRealBigweld

# 85 I climbed into a hole in the wall of the hairdresser / salon, as the one I usually go to was closed. I found the Karen Bible

61d442d952195 jgmftlyf1dj61 700

Image credits: Magic90

# 86 When Karen’s Word Offended You So

61d4424119173 kmbd1frr13d51 700

Image credits: lol62056

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