88 People Share Plot Cliches They Absolutely Love

We have two book and movie loving wolves in us. The first requires an original story, good acting, engaging dialogue, and believable, logical world-building. Others like to curl up under a blankie with a tub of ice cream and enjoy the cheesy plotlines and story tropes they know as close friends. The wolf you feed the most popcorn at the end wins.

Internet personality Laura Crone made a very interesting debut. Thread on Twitter When he asked his followers to share their favorite plot clichés. And the responses were so overwhelming, we can’t wait to share them with you, Panda.

Scroll down and read the best tweets that people enjoy the most, even though they’re far from original, and let us know in the comments which clichés make your heart skip a beat.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: We absolutely love it when the main character overcomes all the challenges along the way through effort and determination, learns to accept his flaws, and saves the day. . it is The Hero’s Journey For us, and we don’t care how pleasant it sounds. We are also huge fans of the characters. Charge against the forces of evil With incredibly low odds of winning. The struggle against darkness is the real victory. And it’s scenes like this that get us through the tough times.

didn’t you hear The good guys win in the end. And we love it so much, it’s unreal.

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