92 Times Cats Malfunctioned And Their Owners Just Had To Document It Online (New Pics)

Dogs may be our best friends, but cats rule the world secretly. If we don’t give them enough attention on the internet, they get angry with us, sometimes taking it personally a little. However, even Emperor of Meownkind. It can be a little weird from time to time. They are not always the pretty bullies they want others to see. However, we really like their derby side.

To your delight, we’ve put together some weird, entertaining and healthy pictures of cats doing weird things to celebrities. ‘What’s wrong with your cat’ subreddit, an online community of about half a million.

Certified Cat Treatment Consultant. Ingrid Johnson, Founder Basically the line., Went into detail with. Bored panda. The cat’s body language, behavior, and how we can tell if our pets are enjoying themselves or if something is related to health. Below you will find our full in-depth interview with Ingrid.

As you scroll down, don’t forget to reward your favorite cats with some attention by voting for their pictures. As you enjoy the company of these bullies, you’ll want to check out Bor Panda’s first articles on r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat about amazingly weird pictures: Part 1, Part 2, And Part 3.

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