A boy character that really gets on fans’ nerves

According to the thread on Redditfans of “The Boys” find MM particularly annoying, as the original poster explains, “Whenever [B]Utcher comes up with a plan [MM] there is always something to say, arguing that his [sic] too inhumane and threatening to leave the team.” While it is true that MM almost always objects to a plan, it usually serves to consider the least possible collateral damage.

Fans love it u/PureImplosion agreed, saying, “I swear MM lost half his IQ in this episode,” referring to Season 3, Episode 6, the long-awaited but heartbreaking “Herogasm.” They continued, “I understand that revenge clouded his mind, blah blah blah, but he acted like a lunatic. Even Hughie managed to (kind of) control himself in front of the A-Train, and at least he had the strength to avoid instant death.” Other fans like u/XenoT87explained that neither M.M. and Annie, neither Butcher and Hughie’s plan was better than the other, but M.M.’s anger definitely distorted his judgment.

Las Alonso noted in an interview TVLine that MM is often a mentally healthy member of the Boys. “Usually he is the voice of reason, the voice of logic, and he keeps the ship afloat,” the actor said. This time, it seems that MM has lost this ability due to his desire for revenge, which has made him hypocritical to many fans.

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