A boy is introduced to a world joke that fans think has gone too far

In the season 7 episode “War”, a simple stolen parking space splits the group in two for an all-out prank war. Corey and Sean set the stage for a large-scale prank by somehow sneaking Rachel’s (Maitland Ward’s) Volkswagen into her room in the middle of the night. In retaliation, Rachel, Jack (Matthew Lawrence) and Angela (Trina McGee) glue their opponents to their seats, cover them in honey, and set a bear on them.

For many Boy Meets World fans, the bear incident turned out to be a shark. On the r/boymeetsworld subreddit, u/SybariticLegerity wrote that while the prank is presented as a lighthearted joke, it amounts to “attempted manslaughter”. The general blasé reaction also makes the prank oddly surreal. “The bear took me away from the fairy tale” u/SybariticLegerity concluded and u/viviwrldfroggie fully agreed: “They literally had a bear that could do something bad to the kids and NOBODY mentioned how serious it could be.” his honey-soaked students after the fact.

The prank war comes to an abrupt end when Sean and Corey retaliate by posting racy pictures of Rachel on the walls of the Pennbrook Student Union. Their actions, which are essentially a form of revenge porn, are perceived by the characters and fans with corresponding disgust. Still, u/SybariticLegerity wrote that “it pales in comparison” to exposing his classmates to a dangerous predator. The bear’s prank – and the tepid response to it – makes the whole episode cartoonish, undermining the seriousness of the next scene.

While War is just one example of a great sitcom clutching at straws in the run-up to its cancellation, the fact that fans are still debating it online points to the show’s resonance. “It’s incredible…how it’s still going on and people are still loving it,” said Will Friedle, who played Eric. cinema blend. “We are honored that we were able to be part of something that really mattered to people.”

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