A brief history of the lawsuits in which Taylor Swift was involved

Taylor Swift has become a household name almost from the moment she burst onto the scene with her self-titled album in 2006. She has millions of fans around the world, and her fortune is estimated at more than $ 400 million. But with mega success comes a lot of trials and tribulations … and we really mean tests. Literally. The “Blank Space” singer has been on both sides of a plaintiff-defendant confrontation with a dizzying number of lawsuits – and that number only grows every year.

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Some have filed copyright infringement suits against her for lyrics they thought they wrote (we’ll let you decide), and at least one more was … well, more sinister (remember the $ 1 lawsuit?). Armed with the best of the best when it comes to legal representation, Taylor Swift has won no surprise in most cases brought against her, but even losing the case here and there doesn’t seem to slow her down. Here are all the lawsuits we remember “too well”.

Here is one trial that you can watch in real time. Taylor Swift recently petitioned a judge to quash a planned trial over lyrics that the two songwriters believe she stole from them. Sean Hall and Nathan Butler wrote the 2001 girl group 3LW song “Playas Gon’ Play”. They believe that Taylor’s lyric “Games, play, play, play, play, and haters will hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” is a plagiarism of their line: “Play, they will play, and haters, they will hate.” Taylor’s lawyers argue that the lyrics are too generic for anyone to own and that a ruling in the plaintiffs’ favor would jeopardize the public domain.


6 …and another lawsuit over exactly the same lyrics

Believe it or not, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler aren’t the first to sue Taylor Swift for copyright infringement on Shake It Off. They are not even the first to sue her. it is this lyrics. Jesse Graham, the R&B artist who wrote the song “Haters Gonna Hate”, claims that Taylor’s lyrics are too similar to his. We’re not lawyers or anything like that, but … could multiple lawsuits over the same lyrics suggest that this line is too common to be from a single artist ???

A Utah theme park sues Taylor Swift last year for copyright infringement because they believe her album and song title “evermore” are a direct copy of the theme park of the same name. Theme park lawyers argue that guests were confused as to what the park was, initially believing it might be Taylor Swift’s theme park. In response, Taylor’s lawyers pointed to the theme park’s previous legal problems and the fact that many contractors have sued them and owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, hinting that the reason for their claim may be money-based. The theme park soon dropped the lawsuit.

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4 Taylor Swift’s infamous $ 1 sexual assault case

Perhaps in her most famous lawsuit, Taylor Swift filed a counterclaim against radio DJ David Mueller, who she said lifted her skirt and grabbed her ass at a backstage photo shoot in Denver in 2013. The radio host filed a lawsuit against Taylor after she made these statements, claiming that he was fired from his job at the radio as a result. Apparently he didn’t know who he was contacting because Taylor Swift was counterclaiming him for $ 1 in damages, which was undoubtedly a ruse to communicate that her motivation for filing the lawsuit was not. motivated by money, and that she was confident in her statements. She won $ 1 and expressed her point of view.

3 Lawsuit with her previous real estate broker

Andrew Azoulay, a broker for Douglas Elliman’s firm, said in 2019 that Taylor Swift owed him a $ 1.08 million commission on the Tribeca townhouse he sold her, just one of its many great properties. The judge immediately dismissed the case, citing the informality of the only email that mentioned such an agreement, and concluded that the email was far from complete enough to qualify as a legally binding contract.

2 Breach of contract lawsuit over Speak Now

Taylor Swift released her album Speak Now to huge success in 2010. Her former manager Dan Dimtrow sues her shortly thereafter, stating that he helped launch her career several years ago and that he was entitled to a commission on the sale of her albums. Taylor Swift, who was only 14 years old when Dimtrow was running her, and her family argued that he did not complete the necessary paperwork to pay royalties. Most of the charges were dropped, and the decision of the case on one count (“unjust enrichment”) was kept in a strange secret.

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one The lawsuit in which Taylor Swift did not accept some guy’s music

Russell Greer made headlines when he sued Taylor Swift in 2016 due to not accepting his unsolicited song? Although Taylor Swift has a policy against inappropriate material, the songwriter became angry that the singer did not accept the song he sent to an agent and began contacting the Taylor family, trying to get them to hand it over. He even started an online petition trying to get his support by writing, “I want Taylor to be my voice since I physically can’t sing my music” (he has facial paralysis and went through years of speech therapy).

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