A duo of artists makes absurd comics with unexpected endings (24 photos)

Some things should not be laughed at, which makes them much more fun – with the help of black humor, we can go through a tragic situation with some laughing. Every day more and more talented creators are making comics with black humor to brighten up our everyday life, and the duo of artists “Prime Slime” is no exception.

French artists use fairy tales, historical facts and everyday situations for inspiration and turn them into “living comics with a good touch of absurdity and black humor,” as Prime Slime’s Instagram bio says.

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Prime Slime has two creators: Remy, who writes all the jokes and thinks about their rhythm, and Clement, who makes all the drawings. When asked how long it would take for them to finish one of their comics, the duo said, “When we launched Prime Slime back in 2017, we could finish one comic in 4-6 hours. It now takes 10 to 15 hours depending on the amount of background detail and (of course) the number of panels. “

“Every theme is an opportunity to make a comedy, even the darkest,” says Remi. “Black humor is a way to step back and break out of the horrors of the world. You cannot afford to joke about this, not because the topic is not funny. Since Death laughs at us, let us also laugh at it. “

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Talking about their creative process, Remy explains that “it really depends on the joke, but usually I write a list of topics that I want to talk about (pirates, space, desert, fairy tales, westerns, Starbucks, war, death, time travel). ..) and then I jot down every joke / idea that comes to mind for each one (good or bad). After a while, I start to identify the ones that seem most interesting to me and start polishing them to match the rhythm and provide a climax.

Then I send a little sketch to Clement, he shares his tablet screen on Skype, and then we can work on it together. After 10-15 hours of drawing a new comic, we publish it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Saturday at 1:00 pm, and then … we start over! “


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Regarding overcoming the creative crisis, Remy says: “There is always a time when creativity is a little rusty and it takes a little more effort and desire to come up with new ideas. It’s like in quicksand: you try to come up with a good joke, but the more you try, the less you get it. This is not very original advice, but I noticed that when I can’t come up with ideas, it is best to put my body in automatic mode so that the brain is more accessible: take a shower, go for a walk. It really helps. “

In addition, the duo seeks inspiration from other artists such as Cyanide & Happiness, Loading Artist, Perry Bible Fellowship, Dogmodog.

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The talented artists have just released the book “Prime Slime”, which contains many of their favorite comics: “We are very proud of her, and this is a great achievement for both of us after a year working on it.” As for the future, the duo also dream of creating animated short films with the characters they have created.


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“The end is near.”

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No. 16

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