A former Hayden Panther classmate says this is what she was before she became famous.

He had an impressive career in Hollywood, yet enough. Recent controversy over her “abusive” boyfriend., Hayden is still able to get acting opportunities.

But as very few fans remember, Hayden’s brush with fame came early in his life. She appeared in a TV commercial in 1997, and it seemed like a big break for the young star.

After its Hess Truck commercial, Hayden introduced the characters. In movies like ‘A Bugs Life’, ‘Remember the Times’ and ‘Racing Stripes’. But at least, according to a former classmate, she had easily adapted to her reputation.

One of Hayden’s classmates says she was “incredible.”

Someone who claimed to be Hayden’s former classmate went to Reddit to share his experiences with the now-famous celebrity. But even though classmates called Hayden “unbelievable,” he didn’t mean it well.

In fact, the adjective was used with an explanatory, and Hayden’s reported school mates had only negative things.

For one, anonymous. Redditor. Notably, they identified Hayden from the Hess Truck commercial near the fifth grade. Hayden, who was in fourth grade at the time, asked a classmate about a commercial and, in short, asked him to keep his business in mind.

Other classmates had similar uncomfortable stories.

The now-deleted Reddit user also said that his classmates had other experiences with Hayden Panettiere in high school. Once, he claims, Hayden went to a black and white ball at school.

A “thick black girl” tried to talk to Hayden, who allegedly replied that she was not allowed to talk to people of that color. after the. ThatSpectators allege that the girl punched Hayden in the face.

It sounds like a wild story, and of course, there’s no real way to verify a story without some kind of photography or video evidence. Or, let’s say, if Hayden admitted it.

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Other commentators found the story funny, as there seemed to be some people who really disliked Hayden, and did so even before his recent headlines.

In fact, Redditer’s claims were reported more than ten years ago, so Hayden may have changed since then. Or, maybe none of the stories are true at all.

This last suggestion seems somewhat impossible, although another commentator on Reddit said he cared for Hayden because his younger siblings and friends who were Hayden’s age did not want to play with him. When families got together. Hard.

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All Hayden Panettiere movies and TV shows, ratings.

Hayden Pantier has continued to work hard and is likely to lead another vehicle soon.

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